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Kings: T

Orc Tréith, Torc, Torccán, Torcán, Tuiri Tortbuillech (Wild Boar, Cloud of Smoke) Torna Éices (Impregnator the Learned) Toradh (Fruit) Tor ap Pellinore (Fertile) Twrch Trwyth (Boar) Tuis (Pig) Nannid Mac Daui Meic Conall Gulban, Ninnidh (Daisy of the Reeds) Easal, Asal, Assal, Asai, Asol (Ass, King of the Golden Pillars)
Oh King Tuis, we conceal not thy fame,
We praise thee as the oak above the kings;–
The skin of a pig, bounty without hardness,
This is the reward which I ask for it.
The war of a neighbor against an Ear,–
The fair Ear of his neighbor will be against him;
He who gives us his property,
His court shall not be the scarcer of it.
– The Fate of the Children of Tuirenn.

He is one of the 13 knights of the round table, which is made of oak. The knights are: Gaheris, Gawain, Gareth, Galahad, Tor, Pellinore, Bedivere, Bors, Kay, Mordred, Percival, Tristan, & Lancelot.

Castle Torr, the forts on Ellary and Castle Sween Estates are closely associated with early Dalriadan Kings at Dunadd

Place-Names: Tournomagensis: Touron; Toringa / Thoringi / Thyringa / Taringi /Toringaba: Thüringen; Thortmanni: Tremonia; Thoredensis pagus: Treyden; Thoarcum. Toarecas: Thouars, France by Deux-Sèvres.

(pron. TOR-na, tur-KAWN, TOOSH, NEEN-a) Boar God & King of Greece who carries a comb, a razor, and a pair of shears between his ears. He is the Sun King of the Fomorians who found baby Niall: Cloud. The God Menw tried to steal the Grecian King’s comb, razor and shears at Esgeir Oervel, Ireland, but only got a boar bristle. A drop of venom from the bristle fell on him and he became ill. He owns a magical spear Gae,Gai Assail and seven magical pipes. Torc’s children are seven swine that are killed and regenerate every day. Their meat cures all disease: Grugyn Gwrych Ereint: Silver Bristle, Llwydawc Gouynnyat, Banw: Young Boar, Twrch ILawin (Culhwch: Pig?), Gwys: Sow, Benwic: Sow and Aman: Boar. King Arthur kills them all and in retaliation he kills Arthur’s four champions [A symbol of creation], makes his way towards the Severn River and is fought at Aber Hafren: Summer Place located at the mouth of the Severn River between Llyn Lliwan & Aber Gwy: Mouth of the Wye. Arthur seizes the razor and shears & the King escapes with the comb across the Severn and heads to Cornwall. Arthur finally seizes the comb and the King dives into the sea.
  In The Fate of the Children of Tuirenn: Brían, Iuchar & Iucharba leave Tech Midcuarta: House of the Meadcircling and arrive at his palace to get the skin of his magical pig for the god Lugh. This pig-skin cures and perfectly heals all wounded and diseased persons of the world. All water passed through it like a sieve turns into wine after nine days. Brían was refused, stole the skin, murdered some noblemen on his way out of the palace and fought a duel with the King. The King died. The other story was that he gave seven pigs willingly to the Sons of Tuireann and did not die. (76, 80, 97, 102, 160, 189)
 The Lance of Longinus, the carbuncle of the daughter of the King of Narsinga, and oil of Tuis: Pig can dispose of the enchantments placed on Prince Orlando of Thessaly who was imprisoned by Merlin’s servant the Destructive One on Mador’s bribe. King Arthur’s daughter Melora: Honey One obtains the oil from the King of Asia. After freeing Orlando she goes to Thessaly. (6)

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