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Kings: M

Medrawd ap Llew ap Cynfarch, Medraut (Accomplishment) Mordred ap Arzhur (Red Rose Knight)

The Dragon and the Rose
Red roses under the Sun
For a king who is lord of lands
For he dies when his day is done
For his memory careth none
When his glass runs empty of sands

White roses under the Moon
For the King without lands to give
But he reigns with the reign of June
With his rose and his blackbird’s tune
And he lives while Faith may live.
The Jacobite Movement - Sir Charles Petrie

God and son of Arthur. Arthur took him and all the babies born his birthday, Beltaine, and set them adrift in a large boat. The boat sank but Mordred survived and was washed up an island shore and taken in by Lord Nabur. He is King of the Picts, has a red crown and is the son of Anna Morgana. He has a narrow face, grey eyes, and wears green silk. As an answer to the slaughter of his people, he sailed the Moyle to Iona, bound up the Columban missionaries, drowned them and pushed the remainder off cliffs. He then traveled to the oak-grove of the Sacred Road, where druids crucified the rest at the rising of the moon. It is said the missionaries died silent after singing one hymn. He is one of The Three Kingly Knights of Arthur’s court with Morgan the Greatly Courteous son of Adras; and Howel ap Emyr of Amorica in the Triads of Britain. He and his men invaded King Arthur’s Palace at Kelliwic: Woodland in Cornwall while Arthur was away and ate all the food leaving not so much as to feed as fly. His sons are Melehan, leader of the Scots, Morgolon and Melou 539AD. (72, 73, 75, 83, 89, 160, 256)
He is one of nine solar knights: Baudwin (The Golden Rose), Drudwas (Golden-Tongued Knight), Escanor (Solar Knight), Flannan (Bright Red), Gaheris (Sun Ray), Galahad (Hair Like Rain), Gareth (Gentle), Gawain (White Hawk) [his brother]

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