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Kings: A

Ardwyad ap Caw (Protector) Airard, Erard, Irard, Urard (Very Tall) Ailrad, Ailerán, Ánrothán, Araeth (Traveling Sun) Ardeen, Airdín (Little Height) Anluan Mac Maga (Condiment) Anlón, Hanlon (Abundant Food)(pron. UR-ard, AWN-ro-han, ar-deen) Sun Fire of Knowledge who wears a curved shield, pointed sword, red kilt & white mantle pin. His head was cut off by Conall: Reed & presented to his brother Cé: Cream at King Mac Da Tho: Son of the Two Mute’s feast in Leinster. The Erhard-crypt at Niedermunster contains a black buffalo horn crosier and a bone from his skull. It is placed on the heads of the faithful on his feast day Jan 8th: Paul von Bernried A life of Erhard. The Erard harp is a six octave, triangular harp with 42 strings, seven pedals and a sound box that is on a slant designed by Sebastien Erard. Cluain Iraird: Clonard: Very Tall’s Meadow by the Boyne: Milk River. Names: Hanrahan (52, 53, 60, 75, 80, 97, 142, 143, 144, 145)
Dirmyg ap Caw (The Healer) Díarmuid Ua Donnubaín, Diarmaid o’Duibhne, Dermot O’ Dyna, Jeremy Donn (The Healer Descendant of the Black) Díarmait Mac Cearbhaill, Dermot Mackerval (Forgiven Divine Son of Rowan: Red Alder)

The Mac Diarmida, princes of Moylurg in Co. Roscommon, split into three families, the head of whom was styled the Mac Dermot and the other two, Mac Dermot Ruadh, the Red, and Mac Dermot Gall, the Gaule.

Dearg, son of Dearg, I am wife of thine
Thee would I cause neither pain nor sigh
To each brave comes ordeal by fire
Blacker my fate to be left behind.
Dearg, son of Olla, of the guiding heart
Thou who could’st skillfully play the harp
Dearg son of Alla, who fight-joy’d the Fayne
Gone like the sun that put stars to shame
An Laoidh Diarmaid (ah LOO-ee JEE-arm-itch)

(pron.DYEER-muht, JEERMIT, JEE-arm-itch o DOO-yn yeh, DERMOT) He has freckles, curling dusky-black hair, two red ruddy cheeks, white teeth, a star on his breast identifying him as son of a king, and a radiant look. The best lover of women and maidens that is in the whole world. Knowledge of curative herbs & life giving waters. His touch prolongs life. He sailed out to sea with the Fianna to the Far Blue Isle to the sea cave that you have to pass through to get to The Land Under Waves.
  He reached the golden palace and cured the sick princess with red moss and water from the Well of Healing from the Cold Isle of the Dead located at the neighboring kingdom of the Land of Wonder. At Cahirciveen Castle: Husk Pod Castle he is trapped with Fionn: White One’s sons, tearing the god Conán: Reed rooted to the floor by enchantment with the help of Goll: One Eyed One. Diarmuid killed the bui: yellow hag Muir Larteach: Sea House with the combined power of: Fionn (pron. FEE-on), 3 Sons of Dhuinne: Black King, Cearbhal: Red Alder King (GOOy-yeh & KARE-ah-vall), Ciar Dubh: Black One (KEE-ar GOO), Iall o’Buidhne: Iall of the Yellow, Iollainn: Dawn (EE-al o BOO-yn-yeh & EE-yoh-ain), Oisean: Little Fawn, Oscar: Deer Lover, Glaisean o’Damhach: of the Antlered Deer (GLAY-shen oh DAH-ack) & Ard Amhard: Great Height (pron. art AH-erd).
 Lover of the Goddess Gráinne: Little Winter Sun, who was engaged to his uncle Fionn Mac Cumhaill. He escaped with Gráinne to Dubhross Wood where he killed the giant Searbhán when he would not let the goddess eat rowan berries from his tree. They then escaped to the forest of Clanrickarde by the Sinan river and made a house in the forest with seven doors in it. Aongus: Born of Fire, the Sun-God, appeared in a ray of light and took Gráinne away in his cloak to Ros Dá Shoileach, which is now called Limerick and Diarmuid opened the seventh door, lept out, and escaped into the forest. After some time he was wounded by a magic green boar of Beinn Gulbain and Fionn let him die. Rath na h-Amhrann, the Womb of Song is where he is buried. deoch dearmaid: drink of forgetfulness.
Jeremy Donn dressed in gold and silver satin to wed the goddess Fiona: Foxglove on a golden coronation throne. His wife was unfaithful with Roc and he killed her child by crushing it to death and throwing it to the hounds. Roc: Oak One turned the dead child into a magic boar. (47, 51, 55, 59, 98, 100, 128, 255)
Gwÿngad, Gwgawn Gleddyfrudd ap Caw (Glance Red Sword )(pron. GOOG-AH-OON) He rolled the stone of Maenarch: Silent One from the valley to the summit of mount Snowdonia with sixty oxen. One of the three gatekeepers of Bangor Orchard with Madawg ap Rhun and Gwiawn ap Cyndrwyn. Consort of the goddess Tancree: Holy Fire. (73, 75, 89)

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