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Suibne Geilt, Sui (Young Pig) Sweeney (Pleasant Madman) Fer Benn (Man of the Peaks, Antlered Man) / Fordui (Perfect Diety) / Fer Rogein, Rodui (Earnest Diety) Robur (Holy Well, Oak) Robartach, Robhartach (Rushing) Roarty Rogellach, Rogallach, Raghallach, Reilly (Flood-Tide) Taidle (At Peace With God)
(pron. SHIV-nuh, SHEEV-ne, SIV-ne, BYAWN, FOR, RO, RO-ar-tach, REIL-ach, TULL-ee, TAL-ach) Triple god married to the goddess Éorann before he went mad. He lost his reason at Mag Rath: Plain of the Womb, AD 639 after being cursed by Saint Rónán Finn: Seal. He then lived in trees and composed nature poetry. He called himself Ferr Benn: Man of the Peaks. His brothers are Rodui: Holy Well and Fordui: Perfect Diety and they are the sons of Maphar: Bear of the Mighty song. They wear plates of gold on their heads, speckled mantles, linen shirts with red and golden brooches. Sui is a gaelic pig call. (69, 71, 97, 102)
beannacht (-aí) 1) with ar (beannacht ort): blessing; 2) with do (beannacht duit): greetings; (the word is, based on the double-n, not a Latin loan, but from beann, antler) (133) Beannú na déithe’s n’aindhéithe ort: The blessings of the gods and the non-gods upon you.
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