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Kings: G

Gareth (Warm Sun) Beaumains (Fair Hands)

Until she let me fly discaged to sweep
In ever-highering eagle-circles up
To the great Sun of Glory, and thence swoop
Down upon all things base, and dash them dead

Bellicent: Yea, my well-beloved,
An ’twere but of the goose and golden eggs.

And Gareth answered her with kindling eyes,
‘Nay, nay, good mother, but this egg of mine
Was finer gold than any goose can lay;
For this an Eagle, a royal Eagle, laid
Almost beyond eye-reach, on such a palm
As glitters gilded in thy Book of Hours.

Then Bellicent bemoaned herself and said,
Lo, where thy father Lot beside the hearth
Lies like a log, and all but smouldered out!

Stay therefore thou; red berries charm the bird,
And thee, mine innocent.....follow the deer
By these tall firs and our fast-falling burns;
So make thy manhood mightier day by day;

I will walk through fire, Mother, to gain it
Who should be King save him who makes us free?

And there was no gate like it under heaven.
The Lady of the Lake stood: all her dress
Wept from her sides as water flowing away;
But like the cross her great and goodly arms
Stretched under the cornice and upheld:
And drops of water fell from either hand;
And down from one a sword was hung, from one
A censer (container in which incense is burned), either worn with wind and storm;
And o’er her breast floated the sacred fish;

Idylls of the King, Alfred Lord Tennyson

Solar diety. In the movie Labyrinth he is the Goblin King who steals a child & sends a white owl from the Otherworld to spy on the affairs of men. His castle is at the end of the labyrinth and the young girl must find it before midnight. He sends her a fairy peach to cloud her judgment, she dances away time at his Masquerade Ball: New Year’s Revéillon with the pierrots, the diamond people of death. She must ask for him by name.

 In Arthurian Legend he is King of Lothian & Orkney & youngest and tallest son of King Lot & Bellicent. He served a year in Arthur’s court kitchen under Sir Kay, who named him Beaumains: Good Hands. At the end of twelve months he was knighted, and went with Lynette to Castle Perilous by the sea to save Lionors from Death: Mors.

 The passage to Castle Perilous is kept by four brothers & knights, called Morning Star: Green [Pertolepe], Noonday Sun: Meridies: Blue [Persant of Inde], Evening Star: Hesperus: Red [Perimones] & Night: Nox: Black, [Percard the Black Knight of the Black Lands], all of whom he overthrew.

He is the consort of Lyonors and stayed at her castle at Lyonnesse for a year, sleeping in the hall. Its portal is the Scilly Isles, Penzance, Cornwall. He was decaptitated twice. Lyonesse gave him her magic ring that stops blood loss and changes the color of clothing to conceal identity.

He then wounded Bendelaine and killed sixteen of twenty men who came out of his castle looking for revenge. He then killed the Brown Knight without Pity and liberated thirty widows locked up in his castle. On Michaelmas he married Lionesse, Gaheris wedded Linet [her sister] and Agravaine, Laurel [her niece]. (6, 58, 71, 75, 89, 171, 191, 210)

Solar knights: Baudwin: Golden Rose, Drudwas: Golden-Tongued Knight, Escanor: Solar Knight, Flannan: Bright Red, Gaheris : Sun Ray, Galahad: Hair Like Rain, Gawain: White Hawk, Mordred: Red Rose Knight

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