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Kings: F

Fróech, Fraich Mac Idath (Fury) Fraoch Mac Finnchadh, Friuch (Heather) Nathfraoich Mac Corc (Heather Snake) Ruch Chnint (Boar’s Bristle) Grugyn Gwrych Ereint ap Tuis (Silver Bristle)
(pron. FROIKH, FREYK, FREE chawn) God and swineherd of the sun god Ochall Ochne of Connacht & King of Southern Leinster. He fought through many reincarnations with the swineherd Nár of Munster [One entered the Shannon River, the other the River Suir spending two years under water] as a stag, phantom, dragon and maggot, until he was eaten by a cow at Garad Well-Spring and reborn as Finnbhenach, the White Horned bull of Magh Ai: Fire Plain, Connacht, with a white head & feet, blood-red body, and Nár was reborn from a Cronn River: Globe River cow as Donn, the Brown Bull of Cuailnge. He is killed by Donn in the Tain, reappears & leads Sétanta: The Path to the Isle of Man for a month; then across the sea to the mainland of Albion: England. He then disappears into the mists never to be seen again. His last words to Cathbad: Grain are that Sétanta: The Path should be made King; and it is his destiny to marry the land in The Sacred Marriage: Heiros Gamos and awaken the sleeping Dragons for the the coming of The Sangreal. Sétanta and his followers name the hill Bull’s Well and settle there. The next year Finnbennach is reincarnated and returns on May Day’s Feast of Bealtainne and is boiled in great bronze cauldron on Penn Hill. The witches Raven, Mara and Mother of the Cauldron raise power in a Magic Circle. Sétanta enters the cauldron, eats the broth and releases the Red Dragon of Albion, who flies north to live in Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. The White Dragon of Albion climbing skyward, flying south to the mountain range of Snowdonia in Wales. The Green Dragon of Erin does not return to Erin, but flies across England to live in the Cheshire Plains.

In the Tain Bo Fraich: Fraich has curly bright glorious hair, cornflower blue eyes, red lips, white, smooth body, small chin, beetle black eyebrows. His mother’s sister Boann: Cow Goddess loans him 7 golden haired trumpters, 7 hounds with golden apples, 3 jesters, 3 harpers plus dark black-blue mantles, white tunics embroidered with golden animals, silver shields, golden jewel-tipped spears with bronze studs, torches, grey horses with silver plating & golden bells. Aillil: Poetry and Medb: Intoxicant threw their daughter Findbhair: White Trout’s fainne or: golden ring into the Croghan River. A salmon swallowed the ring and Aillil told Fraoch to bring a Rowan berry branch from the tree growing there. Fraoch swam back with a branch, but awakened the dragon. Fraoch cut off the dragon’s head, the red blood that spilled renamed the lake Bree’s Dublin: Dark Lake. Fairy women came to keen: lament, a healing broth prepared for Fraoch to soak in. The next day Find-abhair was cursed with a dying sickness after the dragon incident and Fraoch was told only the ring-eating salmon could restore her health. A broiled salmon in honey sauce with the ring on its breast appeared on a dish. Fraoch told Aillil he retrieved the salmon yesterday, hiding it in his mantle. He married Findbhair: White Trout, and later had to rescue her, his 3 sons, and his 12 white cows with red ears given to him by his mother when they were kidnapped by wandering bards and taken to the Alps. Fraoch: Heather and Conall: Reed went over the sea through North Saxony, south over the Ichtian Foam, and into the land where the Long-Bards have their home (Lombardy). The guardian tower snake wound around Conall’s girdle (others say arm) and spent the night with him. The next day they said goodbye to the snake and left for their own country with some of the snake’s jewels. Before Findbhair, the goddess Treblann: Triple One was in love with Fraoch but she died. Fraoch died at the Battle of Graine: Battle of the Sun and Eochaid Mac Coipre: Trout was the winner. An eclipse of the sun appeared. Cill Fraocháin: Heather Church is at Dumhach, Loch Corrib, Galway, Ireland. It is described as the Cyclopean church of St. Fraochán with a square-headed western doorway. The ruin is in the middle of an ancient burial ground, surrounded by hollies and thorns. The clay was used to consecrate the Abbey of Cong: White Trout Abbey ak.a Cill árd-chraobh na Naomh: Church of the Great Tree of the Sacred Trout In Saint Patrick’s time he is King of Munster with a royal palace at the hill of Cashel. His sons are baptized by the Saint. (58, 60, 181, 189, 245, 252)

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