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Kings: L

Fergus Lethderg agus Dubdedach (Virility Red-Sided & Blacktoothed) Fergus Mac Roi, Fearghus mac Róich, Fergus mac Róeg, Ferchar Mac Ro (Virility Son of Great Horse) Meilge ap Caw (Numb With Cold) Calcas ap Caw, Calgocos (Penis) Sualtaim (Virtuous) Sualtam, Sualdaim, Sualtim (Long Haired Man) Anwas, Aunwas Adeiniaw (Winged) Esclados, Brunor le Noir (Black Knight) Gwys ap Tuis (Sow) Gwystyl La Cote Mal Tailliée (Knight of the Ill-Fitting Coat)

(pron. FER-uh-guhsh, MAYK, SOO-al-dav, fay-REES, GOO-UH-ST-UHL) Fertility god, Sun god, High King of Appin who has small feet covered in shining shoes, blue eyes, dark brows, red lips, and face cursed with three blemishes. He has a rampant sexual appetite and is said to have the strength of 700 men. King of the Dál Ríada of Ulster & Scotland who was sent Lia Fáil :The Stone of Destiny by his brother Morgan so he could be crowned king, but he did not send it back.

 The goddess Dechtiré: Tenth turned into a bird and flew away from her wedding to Sualtaim: Virtuous to live with Lugh: Raven in his underworld palace for three years. King Fergus & other Ulster nobles at Emain Macha: Fertile Plain followed the birds to the Fairy Mound of Angus on the River Boyne. At night Fergus came to a lovely mansion by the river. Went he went in he found Lugh, his wife Dechtiré, and the fifty maidens who had been missing.

Consort of the goddesses Medb: Intoxicating One (said to be his mother), Nessa & Laudine. He left Medb’s Palace to visit Flidais: Stag-Mistress, returning laden with gifts. His son Fiachra Cáech: Raven One-Eye killed trying to save the life of Naoise [Daring Drop, Hardy Holly, & Fiallen the Fair]. He wrote the events of the Táin [his severed head warned the Ulstermen of an attack by Medb] in the Ogham language, but the wands were lost when a bard took them to Italy

His sword is the Caladcholg: Singing Sword which stretches to the length of a rainbow. He got it from playing a harp at the Castle of the King of the Eastern World. He walked through twelve doors of the palace, spread his golden glittering beech leaves before the inhabitants, lulled the king to sleep with music and took his sword as he lay sleeping. Guardian of the Magic Fountain of Brocéliande. Defeated by Owain Pêr: Delicious Fruit, imprisoned in Pendragon Castle by Brían, but rescued by Lancelot. His sister is Fótla: Earth

In The Story of the Fairy Rowan Tree he falls in love with Aine Daughter of Mananaun Lord of the Sea and must consent to a hurling match on the first day of Lunasa at high noon between himself and her fiancé Cú Roi: Red Hound. His hurling stick is made out of wood ash and he wins the match. Afterwards, he bit the stalk of the Mananaun’s magical rowan berry from Magh Argetnel: Plain of Silver Clouds and it fell to the ground, sprouting a rowan tree. Mananaun declared Fergus would have to guard the tree until he could get a guardian. Then Mananaun wrapped his daughter in his cloak and strode away in a mist. Fergus asks for the giant Crom Dubh to guard the tree.

In the Iliad he tells Agamemnon to return the priestess Chrysais: Annointed to her father at the Temple of Apollo with a hundred sacred bulls for sacrifice. Only this will end the nine day plague afflicting the Danaans and appease Apollo. (58, 24, 57, 58, 71, 73, 75, 79, 84, 88, 138,142, 143, 144, 145, 193 )

Brothers: Aillil, Anluan, Cathbad Cé, En , Doche [Usne], Murchú & Eochaid Salbuidhe/Conn : Ciarán, Coll & Phelim Óg, Llenlleawg, Mannis, Neb, Ovan, Sreng, Donal

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