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Kings: L

Ancelot, Angeselus, Lance, Lanzelet, Lancelot du Lac, Lanval (Fair Foundling of the Lake) Lleminawg Mag Myriddin (Fair Foundling) Le Chevaler Mal Fet (The Knight Who Has Trespassed)
God who has curly black hair, broad brow, wears a crown of jewels & white armor. He carries the sword Joyeux: Joyous Happiness. He is the son of King Pant, Ban: Sow of Benwick, Brittany & Queen Clairine who were forced to flee their kingdom when he was a year old. During the flight the king died of wounds and just as the queen was about to be taken captive, a faery rising in a cloud of mist carried away the infant Lancelot from where his parents placed him under a tree. The fairy took him to her abode on an island in the midst of the sea, from which she derived her title of Lady of the Lake. Dozmary Pool, Bodhmin Moor, Devon, Cornwall. Her island-world is called the Land of Maidens.

Lancelot fell in love with the White Phantom and gave her nine diamonds. He rescued her from Melwas by entering his world [Magh Findargat] through the Bridge of Swords. Gué du Sang: Blood Ford. Gué Perilleux: Perilous Ford.

Later he fought a wild boar, was badly wounded, and nursed back to health by the goddess Elayne with the sangreal at the Joyous Isle. He is the father of Galahad: Hair Like Rain with the goddess Elayne. Morgana-Morgantetta and her three sisters: Morgana of Northgalis, Morgana of Eastland, and Morgana of the Outer Isles kidnapped him for sex, but he is rescued by the daughter of Bagdemagus: Supreme Oak. His castle is Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland looking out over the Farne Islands: Ynys Metcaut (Lindisfarne), Coquet Island, Inner: Inner Farne, Knoxes Reef, East & West Wideopens, Megstone, Outer: Staple Island, Brownsman, North & South Wamses, Big Harcar, Longstone. Bamburgh’s Celtic name is Dinguardi. In French the castle was called Dolorous Garde under an evil enchantment and re-named Joyeaux Garde by Lancelot. It was visited by the wonder-working Saint Aidan: Sun Fire, and a princess transformed into a dragon by her stepmother. Her stepmother, foiled, lives below the castle in the form of a toad. Arthur & Quinevere visited and so did Tristan & Iseud. Malvern: Bare Hill, Cotswolds. In the Mabinogian: Tales of Youth he is an elderly ruler who is killed in a red sunset. (71, 99, 191, 223, 256)

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