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Said Ailill to Fraech, Let your harpmen play
...Now those harpers were wondrous men,
by their sides they had sacks of otter’s skin,
About their bodies the sacks were tied,
And they carried their harps within,
With stitches of silver & golden thread
each case for a harp was sewed;
And, beneath the embroidery gleaming red,
the shimmer of ruby coral showed!

Roeskin about them in the middle, it was as white as snow;
Cloaks of linen as white as the tunic of a swan.
Harps of gold & silver & bronze,
with figures of serpents & birds, & hounds of gold & silver.

Gentle & melodious were the triad,
And they were the Chants of Uaithne (Child-birth).
The illustrious triad are three brothers, namely
Gol-traiges (Sorrow-strain), Gen-traiges (Joy-strain),
And Suan-traiges (Sleep-strain).
Boand from the fairies is the mother of the triad (252)

[Uath: Ogham]Úath Mac Imoman (Horror son of Terror) Uaithne (Green Harper) Uathe, Uathbhas (Hawthorn) Dur-da-Bla (Oak of the Two Blossoms) Coir-cethar-chuin (Hand of Fourfold Music)
(pron. OON-ee, YEW-ny) God and druid who has his own lake. He can take any form he pleases and is a sirite or elfman. He was asked to decide who was entitled to the heroes’ portion of meat at Bricriu’s feast. He put a challenge to the warriors to cut off his head and he would cut off theirs the next day. When He was able to walk around headless just fine the warriors fled and Cú Chúlainn: Hound of Hazel, the giant, who did not flee, was declared the winner.

He is the harpist of the the Dagda: The Good God. He is the father of: Goltrade: Sorrow-Strain, Gentrade: Joy-Strain & Súantrade: Sleep-Strain harpists with the Goddess Bóann: White Cow The Summerlands equates him with: Cernunnos-Hu Gadarn: Horned God of the Underworld, Hearn, Green Knight, Green Man, Robin. In Cath Maigh Tured: Second Harvest Plain of Frost the Dagda: Good Good plays him as a personified harp summoning his sons sleep-strain, laughing-strain, crying-strain. (58, 80)

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