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Peredur Paladr-hir (The Spearman of the Long Spear) Peredyr Arueu Dur (Steel Arms) Percival ó Brân (Lost Lands Grandson of Raven) Gwalchmai ap Gwyar (Hawk) Lischoise (Perfect)

In the Mabinogi: Tales of Youth, he is seen with sheep. Black sheep are one side & white sheep on the other separated by a river. Each time a white sheep bleats, a black sheep crosses over and comes back white. Each time a black sheep bleats, a white sheep crosses over and comes back black. Transmigration of souls. On the great tree of green foliage, white sheep turning black are souls going from the sky to earth. Black are souls going from earth to sky.

(pron. per-ED-eer) God who is the youngest of seven sons of Angharad Evrawc & Llud: Gleam His father Eiflyr and six brothers were killed & his mother fled to the desert. He met his auburn-haired foster-sister The Lady of the Glade in a golden chair, golden frontlet (band or ornament worn on the forehead) of sparkling stones and gold ring on the way to the court of Arthur. He overthrew the Lord of the Glade who had killed the Lady’s husband. At the Court of the Wounded King at Listinois: Castle in the North [his uncle] who was cursed and had a spear that dripped blood and a severed head on a plate [his cousin] He incured the wrath of the goddess Cundry because he did not ask about the spear and head and the curse was not lifted.
At the Castle of Many Towers Peredur betrothed himself to the Black Maiden, a form of Cundry: Dark Goddess of Knowledge, in front of her nineteen identical auburn-haired brothers and conquered the warlike neighboring earl. At the Round Valley he vanquished a man-eating lion, went to the desert and killed the serpent of the gold ring. At the Palace of the Sons of the King of the Tortures; who are killed everyday by the Addanc, the Black Serpent of the Gravestone at the Mound of Mourning, and raised from the dead by a cauldron of warm water and balsam at their castle; He slew the god Addanc. The flood waters that Addanc created near the Lake of the Waves receded He wears a bright scarlet robe of honor over his armor, and a yellow shield . His sister is Blancheflor: White Flower. His sacred area is Kaer Vynnydd y paladur: The castle of the mount of the spear, Shaftesbury, where the eagle prophecied. (72, 73, 89, 184)

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