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Kings: A

[Ceirt Ogham Character]Arzhur, Gwyrthur [Arthur] Gwythyr ap Greidawl, Arth Fawr, Artaius, Art, Artagan, Ardal, Mercury Artaios, Arthgallo (Heavenly Bear) Arthyen (Bear Born) Arktos, Arkturus (Great Bear) Arvel (Wept Over) Afalloc (Orchard) Scoriath (Earl of the Mist) Grían-ainech (Sun-faced One) Gúaire, Gwrhyr, Gowyr, Gorlas, Gorlois Dux Bellorum (Pure) Gourgy (Wolf) Cenyr, Kyner (Of the Fine Beard) Pelles, Pellam, Pellinore (Wise Man) Pescheour (Fisher King) Diones, Dyonas (Diety)
Arthur King that was, and King that shall be.

Preiddeu Annwn: Treasures of the Abyss

King Arthur takes 27 champions on three ships to see 8 castles of the sea, including the
1. Castle of Glass: Caer Wydr.
Seven score is the 140 stones of Stonehenge.

And Lancelot past away among the flowers,
(For then was latter April) and returned
Among the flowers, in May, with Guinevere.
To whom arrived, by Dubric the high saint,
Chief of the church in Britain, and before
The stateliest of her altar-shrines, the King
That morn was married, while in stainless white,

The fair beginners of a nobler time,
And glorying in their vows and him, his knights
Stood around him, and rejoicing in his joy.
Far shone the fields of May through open door,
The sacred altar blossomed white with May,
The Sun of May descended on their King,
They gazed on all earth’s beauty in their Queen,
Rolled incense, and there past along the hymns
A voice as of the waters, while the two
Sware at the shrine of Christ a deathless love:

And Arthur said, ‘Behold, thy doom is mine.
Let chance what will, I love thee to the death!’
To whom the Queen replied with drooping eyes,
‘King and my lord, I love thee to the death!’
And holy Dubric spread his hands and spake,
‘Reign ye, and live and love, and make the world
Other, and may thy Queen be one with thee,
And all this Order of thy Table Round
Fulfil the boundless purpose of their King!’
–Tennyson: Idylls of the King

(pron. AHR-zoor, AHRTH-yen, ART, AHR-dawl, AVALLOK, er-EEL, GOOR-eh-ang, GOOR-ehs, GRINDEL, GOOR-gee) Votadini [Gododdin] god of the Summer Sun who is a tall giant with long ringleted flaxen blonde hair, forked beard, sea-gull white skin, broad brow, narrow chin, dark eyebrows, red lips, and even teeth. He wears a sparkling diadem, a crown of gold, 5 circlets of gold around his neck, a gold ring, green shirt embroidered with gold and blue satin mantle of invisibility called the Llen: Veil is one of the 13 treasures of the Isle of Britain.Wenebgwrthucher is the purple shield and Excalibur is his gold sword embossed with silver and jewels so bright that men are blinded by it. It is engraved in the oldest tongue the world Take me. His symbol is a golden dragon.

 Arthur was born from the ninth wave of the sea in a ball of flame after the appearance of a dragon-winged ship from the heavens. His parents listed are King Uther Pendragon of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall [Incarnation of Beli-Nudd-Greidwal: Scorcher-Conn. Tintagel vanishes from sight twice a year] & Queen Ygernêe. Merlin found Arthur: Golden Bear on the shore of the sea and in the Once and Future King he transforms Arthur and himself into fish, squirrels & then birds to learn the principles of kingship. Arthur becomes king of Britain at the age of 15. He walked through Carmarthenshire, Wales, felt a pebble in his shoe, took it out and threw it away. The 25 ton stone flew 7 miles in the air dropping at the Cefyn Bryn Common Megalith on the Gower peninsula a.k.a Gorre.
In the Adventures of Art: The Goddess Medb was imprisoned in a tower in the Land of Wonder by her parents Mongán Finn: White God and Coinchenn Cennîata: Nessa. Art finally got to her after killing 7 hags in the wood, going through a lake of toads, river of ice, a choice between 2 cups with 1 containing poison [Aeb], & 1 wine [Finscoth].

The Book of Taliesin’s Preiddeu Annwfn: The Spoils of Annwn tells of Arthur and his knights traveling through Annwn, searching for a magical re-generating cauldron, the pearl-rimmed Cauldron of Annwfn, possessed by 9 women. Nennius’ 9th century Historia Brittonum lists 12 battles in 12 places won by Arthur as ruler: River Glein at Linnuis, Coed Celidon: Caledonian Wood at Scotland’s Clyde River, Chester, Great Arthur Islet : Scilly Isles: Cornwall, and the last at balmea Badonis: Bath.

Arthur’s Courts are Caer Llion ar Wysg: Caerllion upon Usk in Cambria (modern Cardiff, Wales) [Yule]; Celliwig: Kelliwic: Woodland in Cornwall [Candlemass]; Camelot: Placenta (modern Cadbury Hill, Somerset) [Spring] and Edinburgh in the North at the remnants of an extinct volcano where Holyrood Palace sits [Midsummer]. Midwinter is called Alban Arthuan. Caer Llion known in Latin as Isca Silurum has a labyrinth, hall made of doors with sculptured dragons, torches in golden cressets, golden oil lamps, gold and silver dishes, many towers, and is built from the harp music of the ancients.

 Arthur’s Round Table [Midsummer’s Eve] made of oak contains seats for 150 knights. 3 are reserved, 2 for honour, and 1 called the siege perilous for Sir Galahad: Hair Like Rain, destined to achieve the quest of the sangreal. Galahad is the only one who has power to heal the Wounded King [Pelles: the wounded or dying god of autumn], King of the Isles, and restore the Wasteland: Corbenic: Raven Kingdom to a land of fruit and grains. He succeeds.

In the Legend of Culhwch ac Olwen in the Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth he battles the Twrch Trwyth: Boar’s army for 9 days in hand to hand combat dunking him in the Severn: Summer Place River. He then chops the goddess Orddu: Black Gold in two to get her blood in order for Olwen to marry Culhwch: Pig.

 Arthur goes to Mont-Saint-Michel with Kay and Bedevere and severs the giant who is living there’s ankle from the foot. Arthur then frees Duke Howel. Morgana, Queen of Avalon, sees the vision in her crystal ball. She takes the form of Quenevere, has sex with Arthur, and concieves Mordred. Arthur’s daughter is Melora. Arthur is wounded in the last battle and taken to Avalon: Apple Tree Island / Ynis-witren: Island of the Glassy Waters to be healed by Morgana with apples of immortality. Arthur takes the form of a chough: a crow with red legs until his return as ruler. The immortal Arthur: Golden Bear lies asleep in a cavern at South Cadbury closed with iron gates or maybe golden ones, and if you pass it on the right night of the year they stand open, and you can see him inside. Craig-y-Dinas: Rock of the Fortress in Glamorgan at the Vale of Neath is a passage leading to his underground cavern with a bell on the roof to wake his sleeping knights. Other cavern portals are: Richmond Castle, North Yorkshire & Melrose Scotland’s Eildon Hills: Lucken Hare, Hillock with a hidden door. Arcturus is the orange star of first magnitude that crosses the summer sky and dissappears before the eastern horizon on Halloween.

 Made a saint in 482 and founded a monastery in the Forest of Brocéliande, France. Ballyboy Well, County Offaly, Ireland marks the place where Saint Afalloc was savaged by shape-changing snails from the otherworld with the power to transform themselves into wolves. His sons are Urien, Llacheu [son by Lyonors], Arawn [brother in other stories], Bwrdd Arthur: Arthur’s Table or Din Sylwy is at Yns Seiriol: Sparkling Island, Wales. Coetan Arthur: Arthur’s Quoit, Anglesey. Lligwy Dolmen prehistoric burial chamber. Craig Arthur: Arthur’s Rock in Clwyd from Dinas Bran above Llangollen, Wales. Arthur’s Chair: Brecon Beacons. King’s Crags at Hadrian’s Wall where he tossed a boulder at Quinevere at the nearby Queen’s Crags. He is in the Breton Legend of St. Goeznovius. He is the golden bear in Snow White and Rose Red. (52, 58, 63, 71, 72, 73, 75, 89, 93, 102, 189, 223, 256)

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