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Kings: G

Gwalchafed ap Arthur, Gwalhaved ap Clûd (Falcon of Summer Son of Raven) Gaheris (Sun Ray)His brother is Mordred. He killed Lamorak in Arthurian legend and cut off Morgause’s head. He then rescued Gawain: White Hawk & Morholt from the Rock of the Maidens. He is the consort of Demoiselle de la Blanche Land: The Woman from the White Land. He is married to Lynette / Linet and killed by Lancelot. He is one of the nine solar knights:
Baudwin: The Golden Rose, Drudwas: Golden-Tongued Knight, Escanor: Solar Knight, Flannan: Bright Red, Galahad: Hair Like Rain, Gareth: Gentle, Gawain: White Hawk, Mordred: Red Rose Knight (6, 75, 171)

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