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Kings: B:

[Beth: Birch Ogham]Beinn, Beann Boirche, Banna, Ban, Banb, Banv, Bamw ap Tuis (White Boar) Ban de Benoic (White Boar of Benwick: Young Sow) Banbán Ua Donnubaín (Little Pig, Suckling Pig, Young Boar) Pant (Hollow) Delt (Blind One) Talom, Talamh (Earth) Bith (World)
(pron. BAN, BAN-vawn) Solar God, King of Brittany & ruler of Benwick: Young Sow with Queen Clairine. Benwick Chatterie, Thezan des Corbières is located in the canton of Durban: Portal of the Sacred Pig in Aude, Southern France. Banv is the father of Lancelot: Fair Foundling & Ector de Maris. He invited the High King Diarmuid: The Healer to his feast. Áedh Dubh: Black Fire and his warriors burned down his house and killed Diarmuid. He was forced to flee his kingdom and died of wounds. In the French Medieval Roman des fils du roi Constant: Novel of the Sons of the Constant King, Claudas: Raven destroyed Ban’s castle at Trebes: Triple Place. He died of a broken heart leaving widow Sabe & baby mermaid daughter Lí Ban: Beauty of Woman. Ban’s sword is Courechouse. In Culwch & Olwen he is killed by King Arthur at Mynydd Amanw: Amman’s Mountain, Wales. Beantraighe (pron. ban tree), in Co. Wexford, Ireland and Beantraighe Bay in Co. Cork are named after him. Sliab Betha is too. Banagher, Banberg, Banbury, Bangor. His brother is Bors: Boar. (6, 58 84, 89)

[Beth: Birch Ogham]Borre, Boare de Ganis, Bors de Gannes, Boru (Boar) Borvo, Bormo, Bormanicus, Bormanus (To Boil, Bubble) Berwy ap Tuis, Berwi, Barrow (Boiling) Lohat (Dawn)
Gaulish god of hot mineral springs and healing. He is pictured holding a goblet, purse, and fruit basket. His altars are at: Caldas de Vizela, Galicia, Bourbonne-les-Bains, Marne, Loire, Rhône, Provence and the Alps. He is the consort of: Bormana, Divona, and Damona. Boru is an avatar of Tuan: The White God, son of King Arthur and the goddess Lysanor, who is an ogre with a fat face, red eyes, snout, and black bristly beard, needle-like tusks, who eats carp, salmon, trout, twenty dozen plover eggs, pail of roe, six sheep, three cows, two goats, five kids, and ten lambs. As a wild boar who lives in Ballinoe, the magic green boar of Beinn Gulbain He takes without giving, killed the High King Diarmuid and was decapitated by Fionn MacCumhail, his next incarnation. He has clairvoyant vision and understands the secret nature of all solid and material things. He is one of the thirteen knights of the round table, which is made of oak. He sees brother Llacheau-Llionel: Lake-Flood in a vision at the goddess Elaine’s castle thorn-lashed naked, while Galahad: Hair Like Rain sits in the Siege Perilous, empty chair of the round table, with the Grail. He buries Galahad and Percivale at the Spiritual Palace. His nephews are Bleoberis and Blamore. Barrow: Boiling River named after him. His Arthurian wife is Evaine. (71, 73, 75, 99, 151)

13 Knights: Lancelot: Fair Foundling [nephew], Tristan: Melt Oak Semen [cousin], Percival: Lost Lands [cousin], Kay: Cream [cousin], Arthur-Pellinore: Wise Man [dad], Tor-Tuis: Pig [dad], Gawain: White Hawk [next avatar], Galahad: Hair Like Rain [cousin], Gareth: Warm Sun, Gaheris: Sun Ray [brother], Bedivere: Birch [Mílesian], Mordred: Red Rose [brother]

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