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Kings: C

Camel Mac Riagall, Camulos, Camulus, Camulonus (Heaven Son of the Foreign King) Calder (Brook, Stream) Cawley, Cauley (Placenta) Camhlaidh, Cámmine (Relic)
Gaulish God of darkness, night, the moon, love, and the time between dusk and dawn. Camulodinum: Colchester in Essex is named after him. His mother is the goddess Llena: Moon. He was possessed of an invincible sword, one of the 4 chief treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann, over whom he was twice king. – Charles Squire.
In Jorge Blanco’s comic he possesses the Sangre Divina: Blood of the Gods – Néctar Divino: Divine Nectar and has survived the centuries as a testament to numerous conquests. He lives in a supernatural underworld and also in La Isla Sobreverde: The Green Isle. He journeys to Tír na n’Og.
 Doorkeeper of Tara in the days of King Nuada: Cloud. Camelot is named after him. The portal is at Cadbury Hill, above the village of Cadbyri: South Cadbury, visible from Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, England, Brent Knoll: The Mount of Frogs, Somerset & Dinas Powys across the sea in Wales. It has been suggested that all 4 hills, anciently inhabited, might have formed a chain of communication by beacon. One of the curates of the church walked out and joined the Hell-Fire Club in the 18th century. The woods on Cadbury hill are filled with bluebells and primroses in the springtime. River Cam, Somerset, River Camel in Cornwall, Camelon, Stirlingshire, Camboglanna, Cambridge, Camlan Valley, Meirionydd and the River Gamlan in S Dunoding. Gamla, Israel fought against the Romans in 66AD and the citizens were brutally massacred. (24, 58, 77, 155, 171, 256, 275)
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