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Kings: L

Llenlleawg Wyddel (Thou Art The Veiled Covering) Llen Linfiaclach, Leno (Veiled One) Linné, Llÿn, Lenus Iovantucarus (Lake, Flowing Water) Clennan (Servant of Finnian) Clemenhill, Clememy, Clêta-Clud, Kloned (Affinity, Son-in-law)
(pron. LH-ehn-LH-eha-oog, lh-oon) Healer god of the Treveri Celts, son of Lóch: Lake who protects against disease. Consort of the goddess Ancamna. He is the smith of Brugh na Boinne: Milk River, Newgrange, Co Meath: Honey, Ireland making bright vessels and drinking cups for the sea goddess Fland: Lake Maiden. At night he makes a cast of his anvil eastward to Indeoin na Dese: Anvil of the South, as far as the Grave End. The anvil has three showers: a shower of fire, a shower of water, and a shower of precious stones of pure purple. He is the Giant of Loch Léin-Lough Leane: Veiled Lake, Killarney: Cill Airne: Church of the Sloes, Co. Kerry, Ireland and King of Finntraigh: Fire of Wine. The French Island of Lérins named after him is the Island of the Serpents and contains invisible serpents. In the second century A.D. a huge Romano-Celtic temple was dedicated to him at Trier-Trier-Trèves: Triple Place une ville située au coeur de l’Europe: a village situated in the Heart of Europe in Rhineland Germany close to Luxembourg, France and Belgium. Images of him show children holding pet doves as gifts to the god. The Holy Coat of Trèves is a seamless coat alleged to have been deposited there by the Empress Helena and to have been the one worn by Christ. Unfortunately, there was a huge witch persecution there during the sacred time named after him Lent: March 25th 1583-1600. The inquisitors actually burnt a doctor at the stake, claiming that he made gold and silver out of human blood. Llen has sanctuaries at Pommern-Pomerania, Britain, Saint Severinus of Trèves feastday 21 December.

Another story has him as Lena, son of Mesroeda: Fruit Issue, who found a pig in the oakwood and reared it for seven years, until the pig buried him alive in the earth while he was asleep. [pigs are sacred symbols of druids]. In the Dindsenchas of Carman Lena carried off seven cows from Eochaid Bélbuide. Mother is Ucha, wife of Mesgegra Mac Dath. Daughter: Yellow Lily. Rathtyeu: Womb. The Llen: Veil of Arthur is a blue satin mantle that makes the wearer invisible and is one of the Thirteen Treasures of the Isle of Britain. (6, 24, 25, 58, 71, 75, 97, 146)

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