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Queens: G

Guinevere, Gwenhidwy, Gwenhwyvar Guanhumara, Guenhuvara (White Wave) Gvan Weüre, Guivre, Wouivre Blanche (White Snake Enchantress) Seanmair (Old Mother) Soredamor (Lady of Daars) Gwendolyn, Nolwenn, Olwen (White Lady of the Day) Gwenole, Gwennol, Guénolé, Gwenneli (Swallow) Gwenfrewy, Wenbruia, Gwenfrewi, Winifred (White One) Gwenn Alarch ab Cynwal Canbwch, Wenna ab Cynyr Ceinfarfog (Swan White) Gwenabwy, Gwener (Shining) Gwencalon (Shining Heart) Gwenleydr, Gwennwledyr, Gwennolaïk (Beehive) Gwyar, Gore (Red Dawn) Clervie, Klervi, Klara, Sinclair, Claire, Clare, Clere, Clarisant ferch Lot, Klarisanz, Clarisse, Clairine (Sacred Light) Ganieda, Gwawr (Dawn)

Nine Sisters: Argante, Dindraine, Eluned/Clothra, Enid, Igraine, Kundry, Morgana & Raghnell
Sisters: Fial, Éli, Eithne, Fedelm, Mugain, Medb

O Brychan’s jewel and holy daughter, most pious Wenna, thou didst defy
the heathen Saxons, thereby winning a martyr’s crown. Being, therefore,
numbered among the saints, intercede for us before the Throne of Grace,
that we may be granted great mercy

Sainte Barbe et sainte Claire,
Preservez-moi du tonnerre,
Si le tonnerre tombe
Qu’il ne tombe pas sur moi!

(pron. GWIN-hwee-var, GWEN-dol-lihn, NOHL-ven, O-loon, GOO-UHAWR, GWAYN-ohl, GWAYN, gwayn-KAH-lohn, KLAYR-vee, KLAIR, GWOWR) Nine-fold goddess of the red dawn, beauty, knowledge & the Summer Sun, called the Golden Wheel. The white foamy waves are called her sheep, and the ninth wave her ram. She can take the form of a white hart and is the May Queen. King Arthur: Golden Bear married three women named Guinevere and was born from her when he was thrown ashore on the ninth wave. The ninth wave is a god born of nine maidens signifying the Triple Goddess in triplicate form like the nine Muses of Greece. [Clio (history), Calliope (heroic poetry), Terpsichore (dance), Melpomene (tragedy), Erato (erotic poetry), Euterpe (flute accompaniments), Polyhymnia (sacred songs), Urania (stars), Mnemosyne, (Memory) of Alexandria Their mother is the Greek Artemis (Diana) which means Moon.] The seventh and ninth waves of the sea are rescuing waters and have great powers. If a drowning man can catch the seventh or ninth wave he will be saved. Bathing nine mornings in succession in sea-water heals nerves.

 The most noble and beautiful maiden in Tréguir, France. She is the dragon queen with streaming wavy white-golden hair with curls in the back, swan white bosom and skin, blue eyes [sometimes grey], dark eyebrows, rose red cheeks who wears a golden crown [or crown of golden flowers], yellow satin dress [or grass green silk], emerald green robe, flame-colored hooded silk mantel lined in white, and gold neck collar with precious emeralds and rubies. Wherever she steps a [four-leafed] white clover sprouts. Her kisses are soft like the bees that sip honey from violets. Whoever looks at her instantly falls in love. She has hawk-like vision and brings the flowers of summer. She lives in the Eastern forests of Gaule and was beheaded by Saint Michael. The mermaid sister of Myrddin who rules Castle of the Maidens or Dolorous Castle in Edinburg / Din-Eityn. She and King Pant [Hollow] Lludd [Raven], were forced to flee the kingdom when their son Lancelot: White Foundling was a year old. During the flight the king died of wounds and just as the queen was about to be taken captive, a faery rising in a cloud of mist carried away Lancelot from under a tree to a sea island. Her throne is made of cypress. Her bed is made of ivory and white cypress with purple silk sheets encased in green and blue silk and surrounded by taper candles and golden flowers. In her Crone or Death aspect she wears a black gown and a white veil, lives in the forests, and gives prophecies.

She was born on March 1 at the Vale of Aeron to the giant Ysbaddaden-Gwawrddur. When she turned thirteen, in the story of The Golden Egg Her mother threw her little balls of yellow cowslips as she knelt by the Thames river on Holy Saturday after finishing weaving and spinning. At sunset she prayed at St Mary-le-Bow church for help to find the golden egg. She goes to Master Oglethorpe’s house on Richmond Hill and wins a golden egg hidden in an owl’s nest in the Great Oak Tree.

She was breaking ice in Gwenffynnon: White Well in order to draw water for the household at night and was proposed to by Nola returning to Nantes. He gave her a golden engagement ring and they eloped by the White Church. Caradog: Soul Carrier cut off her head on the steps of the church and a well of pure clear water sprang where it had fallen. She then rose from the dead and for the rest of her life she had a red mark round her throat where it had been sliced through. She instructs eleven virgins by the well. The temperature of the water never changes, summer or winter. It is so clear that the pebbles at the bottom are distinctly seen to be stained as though with blood. It is lined with moss and the source of miraculous cures.

She was abducted by Bagdemagus: The White God’s son Meliagrance. She baptised the goddess Sabrina: Sweet Goodness in the Severn River and baptised Dahut in the Ys-Isère-Isèra: Abyss of the Sea River with the help of King Gradlon Ker-Ys: Keraës: Carhaix: Citadel of Below is an underwater land where trunks of great trees stand up in the water. It is a great forest with a castle on land drowned by the sea. Saint Francis of Assisi seduced her at 17 into the Church of San Rufino, shaved her head, took custody of her silken clothes and dressed her in Franciscan garb. [Cimabue School Painters] Her monastery and tomb are at Gwytherin. Her relics are in Shrewsbury Abbey. St. Nonn, patron saint of Wales and mother of St. David. Her flower is the daffodil. As a Saint in the Thunder Oak she splits Thor’s Oak tree into four parts on White Christmas Eve and a fir tree grows from it. Croeso`r Gwanwyn: Welcome of Spring or Gwanwyn`brenin: King of the Spring. Feast day is March 2nd. Saint Claire’s feast day is July 16th Brothers Cond, Ibur, Seibur, Catt. Consort King Salom of Cerniw. Mother of St. Cybi. Churches of St. Wenn, Bodmin, Morval, Duloe in Cornwall Clare, Ireland. (41, 45, 47, 51, 58, 71, 72, 77, 80, 86, 92, 93, 99, 119, 169, 171, 194, 210, 229, 245)

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