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Kings: I

WITCHES (in Chorus):
The witches through the Brocken see,
The stubble is yellow, the grain is green.
Assembled there, the great throne
Sir Urian sits upon it.
So going over stick and stone,
The witches drive, it stinks for the goat.

The ancient Baubo comes alone,
She rides a mother swine (fallow sow).

So honor be, where honor is due!
Mother Baubo first! and lead too!
A sturdy pig and Mother on it,
There follows the whole witch party.

Which way did you come?

By Ilsenstein! There, I peered at the owlet inside her nest,
She made eyes at me (stared)!

The road is wide, the way is long:
How madly swirls the raving throng
The pitchfork pricks, the broom hurts;
the infant chokes, its mother bursts.

We creep like the snail in his house,
The Women, all in the lead
Then, go to the Angry House,
The Woman has a thousand step lead.

We do not take that so precisely,
With a thousand steps, makes the lady;
Yes, how she also hurries, can
With one spring make the man.

VOICE (above):
Come with us, Come with us from the rockbound lake!

VOICES (from below):
We want to go with you in the sky.
We’ve washed and we are quite clean;
But also eternally sterile.

It silences the Wind, it flees from the Star,
The cloudy Moon conceals herself.
The magical choir speaks by whistling.
Many thousand fire sparks.

VOICE (from below):
Stop! Stop!

VOICE (from above):
Who calls from the rocky quarry?

VOICE (from below):
Take me too! Take me too!
I have been striving for three hundred years,
and cannot reach the peak.
I want to join my equals too.

Carry the broomstick, carry the stick
The pitchfork carry, carry the goat.
Who tonight will not rise, can
forever be a forlorn Man.
– Goethe, Der Faust, May Eve

HEXEN (im Chor):
Die Hexen zu dem Brocken ziehn,
Die Stoppel ist gelb, die Saat ist grün.
Dort sammelt sich der große Hauf,
Herr Urian sitzt oben auf.
So geht es über Stein und Stock,
Es farzt die Hexe, es stinkt der Bock.

Die alte Baubo kommt allein,
Sie reitet auf einem Mutterschwein.

So Ehre denn, wem Ehre gebührt!
Frau Baubo vor! und angeführt!
Ein tüchtig Schwein und Mutter drauf,
Da folgt der ganze Hexenhauf.

Welchen Weg kommst du her?

Übern Ilsenstein! Da guckt ich der Eule ins Nest hinein,
Die macht ein Paar Augen!

Der Weg ist breit, der Weg ist lang,
Was ist das für ein toller Drang?
Die Gabel sticht, der Besen kratzt,
Das Kind erstickt, die Mutter platzt.

Wir schleichen wie die Schneck im Haus,
Die Weiber alle sind voraus.
Denn, geht es zu des Bösen Haus,
Das Weib hat tausend Schritt voraus.

Wir nehmen das nicht so genau,
Mit tausend Schritten macht’s die Frau;
Doch wie sie sich auch eilen kann,
Mit einem Sprunge macht’s der Mann.

STIMME (oben):
Kommt mit, kommt mit, vom Felsensee!

STIMMEN (von unten):
Wir möchten gerne mit in die Höh.
Wir waschen, und blank sind wir ganz und gar;
Aber auch ewig unfruchtbar.

Es schweigt der Wind, es flieht der Stern,
Der trübe Mond verbirgt sich gern.
Im Sausen sprüht das Zauberchor
Viel tausend Feuerfunken hervor.

STIMME (von unten):
Halte! Haltet

STIMME (oben):
Wer ruft da aus der Felsenspalte?

STIMME (von unten):
Nehmt mich mit! Nehmt mich mit!
Ich steige schon dreihundert Jahr,
Und kann den Gipfel nicht erreichen
Ich wäre gern bei meinesgleichen.

Es trägt der Besen, trägt der Stock
Die Gabel trägt, es trägt der Bock
Wer heute sich nicht heben kann
Ist ewig ein verlorner Mann.
– Goethe, Der Faust, Walpurgis-Nacht

[Iodadh: Yew]Iân Direach Mac Rónan agus Morag (Upright John) Urien Rheged ap Modron, Uryen (Red Life) Eóghan, Ewan, Ewin ap Niall (Sun of Cloud of the Nine Hostages) Owen ap Cethern (Life of Grain) Owain Dangwyn ap Ambrosius (Life of White Tooth Divine Son of Honey Nectar) Owein ap Morgana (Life) Yves, Yvain, Áedgen (Born of Fire) Béoáed, Beoaodh, Beothach, Bowie (Living Fire) Abbáeth, Abatha (Performer of Feats) Aberthol (Sacrifice) Abhean, Abhainn, Abhan, Aibne, Adaon ap Taliesin, Afaon (River) Acaiseid, Acair (Anchor) Glan (Clean, Pure Glass, Glittering One) Glen, Glÿn (Valley) Glyw Cattraeth (Ruler of Grain Womb)
(pron. EE-ehn, OH-wayne, YO-HEE, YOE-wun, OWEN, EEV, oh-GAHN, BO-ee, BYO ee, a-BEY, A-ven, ah-DAY-on, ah-VAY-on, GLAYN) One-eyed Celtic harper and sun-god who rides through the sky in a shining bronze chariot called a roth ramach: rowing wheel drawn by a horse who is lily-white from the waist up and jet-black from the waist down. One of his eyes was lost in the Alps becoming a snow-calf or mound, the other eye was destroyed while trying to stop the course of the sun for two days. Tall with curly black hair, sea-grey eyes and red cheeks who wears a yellow satin coat edged with gold lace & leather shoes with golden lion clasps. He travels with three hundred black ravens, a blue falcon and thirty golden finchs.
 He is able to fly with the aid of the encennach: bird head-dress. He lives in Grianag: The Land of the West and is king of the Underworld land of Gorre. His palace, The Castle of Abundance, is silver with a crystal roof. It has chambers of gold, rubies, lights, alabaster goblets of ruby wine and abyssinian fruit. At the Black Fisherman’s Cave he poured the water of Dhiurradh over his enchanted stone companions and restored them life. He then went to get the Sword of Light, a gold hilted sword & the Spear of Victory. The spear has a white light that shines continuously and from which all fires are lit. The halo glow of it reaches over the mountains and under the forest trees. He is the Wielder of White Light. In the Mabinogion: Intoxicating Tales of Youth he tells the people how to find him as the crimson spotted golden regenerating Salmon of Llyn Llyw; the most ancient of creatures and fetches a bronze palace from under the sea. His wife Beara: Winter Yew, daughter of Heber-Eibhear, the great King of Castile in Spain guards him in salmon form at the Eibhear river. His twin brother is Mabon: Mead. Sacred wells: Glana in Provence France, Abhainn an Scáil, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Owenahincha River, Lisavaird, Co Cork, Ireland, Llyn Llech Owen, Din-Rheged & Caer-Ligualid at Carlisle. Co. Tyrone: Tir Eoghan § Roman Name. Eoghan’s brothers; Tadhg & Airnelach. At Penrith in Cumbria in St. Andrew’s Churchyard is the Giant’s Grave of Owain. Two tapering stone pillars stand 15 feet apart. In the space between are four carved hog-back stones, half-circular in shape resting on their straight edges. (47, 51, 53, 58, 73, 76, 80, 124, 150, 205, 256)

[Ailim Ogham Character]Aí, Aoi, Aibne (Fire) Adna, Ardan Mac Gorla, Aillil, Oilill Olum Mac Nathi (River Poem Son of Snake) Óengus, Aongus Olum, Angus Óg Mac Boann, Aengus Óg Mac Dagda (Vigor, The Young God) Aonaran na Ailim (Hermit of the Elm Wood) Cermait, Kermit (Honey Mouth) Mabon ap Mellt, Maband ap Modron, Maponos (Mead Son of Honey) Glesi (Obsidian Glass) Cas Mac Corca, Casswallawn ap Beli, Cassán, Cassivellaunos, Caswyn, Cascorach (Path, Seperated Lambs)
(pron. EE, EEV-nee, AH-lil muck RAWS ROO-ah, AYN-gus OH-lum, AHN-guhs, AYNG-ghus muk UG, KUHR-miht, AHS, kaz-VEL-uhn, KAZ-win) 9-fold diety of wisdom, fertility, love, destiny, the Mid-Winter Sun, music, riches, forests The Goddess Sadb: Sweet Goodness is mother of 9 of his 19 sons. 19 is a symbol of the Celtic year. He is a tall, fair-haired man who dresses in a yellow satin tunic, golden shoes, green mantle of invisibility with a fibula of silver in it and carries a golden timpán: harp slung across his back, Like his father, he had a harp, but it was of gold, not oak, as the Dagda’s was, and so sweet was its music that no one could hear and not follow it. He applies vocal song to strengthen memory with Gwyddon Ganhebon, the inventor of song and Tydain, father of poetic song. His kisses turn into singing birds, they are invisible doves that whisper into the ears of lovers. He went to Gascony of the Caeroesi tribe of France and the Coranians united with them later.
 Angus lives at Mag Bili: Plain of Trees on the other side of the Crystal Mountains, ruling the Summer Country called Deffrobani: Waking Sky. His eagle carries Fionn: White One over the Burning Desert to his home. As a giant, he plays pipe music, turning into a handsome young man to reveal Fionn’s destiny. The entrance to his world is at Bruig na Boinne: Milk River: Newgrange where he can be seen with the goddess Cáer in the shape of swans for half of the year. He saw a aisling: vision (pron. ash-ling) of Cáer, picked her out in swan form from 150 others and flew with her to Bruig na Boinne. It is called a Rath: Womb of Many Lights with an oakwood of 3 apple trees: 1 in full bloom, 1 shedding its blossom, and the 3rd covered with ripe fruit. He returns to earth in the Spring. At the Forest of the 2 Tents in Ireland, fearing for the goddess Grainne: Sun’s safety, He wrapped Her and himself in his mantle and travelled with 3 birds on the wings of the east wind to Bruig na Boinne. His twin brother is Owen. His feast day is September 22nd. His female incarnation is the goddess Aí, Canaanite city seiged by Joshua and its inhabitants massacred. Magh Aí: Plain of Aí. Sister Fótla: Earth As Casswallawn he took over the kingship of Britain after Brân: Raven was decapitated and buried on Gwynfryn: White Hill. (54, 58,71, 58, 80, 97, 98, 102, 208, 275)

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