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Kings: G

Galahad, Gwalltafwyn Gwalhafed ap Gwyar, Garwyli, Galehaut, Walgabetius (Hair Like Rain) Iustic, Iustig (Drink Coming) Heulyn, Huiel, Helior, Huail, Rhydderch Hael, Haelog ap Caw, Haloc de la Domnonée (Ray of Sunshine) Huandaw (Sun Diety) Heilyn Goch (Red Cupbearer) Heinin Vardd, Helig, §Helios Sol, Illtut, Tuidle, Eltut, Hildutus, Hilduf (Sun) Huarwar, Huarwar (Unsmiling)

I am the Holy Grail,
the thing all holy knights must seek.
Only the best may find me.
Finally the perfect knight will take me
and heal the maimed king,
making the Wasteland whole.
– The Legend of King Arthur

(pron. GOO-ahl-havehd, HILL-een, HIH-AYL, HIHAN-DA-OO ) Sun god, oldest of nineteen brothers [Redwal made Haeloc Crown Prince by murdering all his brothers] who rules the Red City: Maes Maichgen; between Cardigan Bay & Ynys Enlli: Bardsey Island from the mouth of the Afon Ystwyth to Llyn, and up to Aberdovey. The area is known as the North Wales Bermuda Triangle. He has rough hair that is sticky and can hold apples. He wears a fleecy mantle and has a voice that is so soft that if a needle falls you can hear it when he speaks. He is the son of Lancelot: Fair Foundling and the goddess Elaine: Light, Princess of Listois: The Wasteland who is born at Castle Blayant on the Joyous Isle.

During Pentacost Galahad is visited by his grandmother Nynve: Triple Sea One, the Lady of the Lake and Queen of Listinois: The Wasteland who presents him with a magic sword: Sword of the Strange Gurdyls. The dyrnwen: white hilt, a sword that will burst into flame if drawn by anyone other than him and one of the 13 treasures of Britain. She tells him that Listinois, once a bountiful land with fruit and grains and now a blackened country with dying fruit, grain, and skulls called the Wasteland can only be restored to its former glory by him. He must heal his grandfather, the Wounded King, the dying god of autumn inside Castle Corbenic: Raven Castle [French: corbin: raven]: The Castle of Adventures, renamed Castle Perilous during the dark time. Her husband is a keeper of the grail. The keepers of the grail are called the Fisher Kings. Galahad accepts the challenge and sees the vision of the Grail, a golden chalice with a sweet-smelling fragrance that is brought in on the wings of a dove. He is the Healer of Avalloc: Apple One with the blood of the Grail. He takes the broken sword, holds the pieces together and it magically heals itself. He holds the bleeding lance to Avalloc-Pelleam’s thigh, the blood drips into the wound and it is healed. Then magical birdsongs are heard and golden grains sprout, restoring the Wasteland. He is baptised St. Iltud, fed by heaven; restores a collapsed seawall, sends grain to relieve a famine in Brittany, purges Earl Hernox’ castle of Antichrists, and guards the holy grail with Caddoc: Soul Carrier and Bwrt in Morgannwg: Glamorgan in a hut by the Nadafan: Snake River. [¿Avon Nedd Fechan] His fortress is at Dumbarton aka Alclud: Raven Place. He owns a cup of silver, candlestick with seven burning candles, spear of blood, decanter that produces rose wine, Hogalen Tudno: a grindstone that only sharpens a brave man’s blade, a basin that cleans dirt, and Dysgyl a gren Rhydderch: a platter on which will appear any meat desired. He is the White Virgin who purges the Maiden’s Castle and cools the waters in the Well of Lust. Guenivere: White Wave touched him, he passed into Twilight and vanished in a silver light. He will appear with Arthur. In Greek mythology he is King of the city of Sarras, is son of the Titans Theia and Hyperion; drives the chariot of the sun from East to West and floats back to his Eastern palace in a golden bowl. Llanwit Pyr, Dol. Bedd Gwyl Illtyd: Grave of St. Illtyd’s Eve, Brecknockshire. A vigil is kept on the eve of his feast, February 7. Ty Illtyd chamber tomb. (75, 102, 193, 234)

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