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Legend of Culhwch ac Olwen

King Cilydd of Wales married the beautiful Goleuddydd (Bright Day) and after many prayers a son was born to them named Culhwch (pron. kil-hooch). The Queen lay dying and begged her husband not to remarry until he saw a two-headed briar growing on her grave. This he promised and after seven years he saw the briar, murdered King Doged, and took his widow as wife. The widow was very unhappy and came upon the house of a toothless old hag one day as she was walking. She begged the hag to tell her if the King had children and the hag prophesied that he would and reminded her that he already had a son. The new queen arranged for Culwch to marry her daughter and when he refused she cursed him and said that he would never marry until he found the goddess Olwen (White Lady) daughter of Ysbaddaden the giant. (3, 256)

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