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Faery Places

Magh Mell, Magh-Meala (Plain of Honey) Y Fêl Ynys (Honey Isle) Yns-witren, Île de Voirre (Island of Glassy Waters) Emhain Abhlach, Yns Avalon (Apple Tree Island, The Land of Apple Blossom & Honey) Mealtann (Les Îles Joyeaux: Joyous Isles) Yn Ellan Sheeant (The Blessed Isle, Happy Isle of the Blest) Maderna (Les Îles Fortunées: The Fortunate Isles)

(pron. MOY MAHL, Moy Mal) A Celtic paradise beyond the western sea where gods and heroes are sustained on apples of immortality. The Fortunate Isles off the coast of Galway are nine islands that rise out of the sea every seven years, that vanish if one tries to reach them by boat. Tennyson describes Avalon as a land without snow, rain or hail with bountiful meadows and soft winds crowned with summer sea. The entrance to Avalon is at Caer Sidi: Glass Mountain a high hill surrounded by shining water with a spiral shining castle. It is a land without winter ruled over by nine maidens including Morgana: White Queen and Mell: Honey Two curly-headed, golden-haired youths with circlets of gold, gold silk brocade tunics, shoes, swords, ivory bows with peacock feather arrows, and twenty-four maidens sewing brocaded silk guard the palace. The Black Guardian of the forest guards the golden fountain with singing birds. Arthur: Golden Bear’s palace has rooms of green tapestries surrounded by purple flowers, oak trees, hazel trees, grains, and green land. His throne of green rushes has red satin pillows. He has three spears: two silver, one blue and a magic branch of silver with golden apples that numb pain. He knows every language, his touch prolongs life and he is guardian of curative herbs and life giving waters. In the spirit of the future it stands for Inspiration and Creativity. The goddess Murna left Magh Mell to wed Uail, the father of Fionn Mac Cumhaill in one story. The Fomorians stole the largest stone of power, the egg, loínnir from there and created a fortress in the north called Toraigh / Tory Island. Brân ap Llyr: Raven is also listed as a a ruler. He guards the cauldron of regeneration. ‘The Bretons believe that an island off Trégastel, on the coast of the department of Côtes-du-Nord, is the fabled Isle of Avalon to which King Arthur, sore-wounded after his last battle, was borne to be healed of his hurts.’ The three ancient centers of Avebury, Stonehenge, Salisbury and Glastonbury, Somerset [Midsummer] are known as the Sacred Triangle. Glastonbury is the home of a large three-dimensional Labyrinth and is part of a ley-line, a sacred alignment of force.[Worlds List] (6, 13, 59, 97, 107, 142, 144, 229)

Ca[í]ni amra laisin mBran
ina churchan tar muir nglan;
os mé, am c[h]arput do chéin, is magh sccothach ima-réidh.
A nb-ys muir glan
do[n] náoi broindig a tá Bran,
is Mag Meall co n-umat scoth
damsa a carput dá roth.

At-chí Bran
lín tonn tibri tar muir nglan.
At-chíu ca-déin i mMagh Mon sgotha cennderga gin on.

There is a wonderful voyage for Bran
In his boat on the clear sea;
For me, the chariot drives on a plain of lusterous flowers.
The island of glassy waters
For the prowed ship where Bran lies.
It is The Plain of Honey having many sparkling flowers
and the chariot of the sun wheel.

Our Bran
Lake of the Waves of the glassy sea.
The thick fog how eager about
the Plain of Arts red-headed flowers creep against it.

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