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Queens: M

Andromeda, Meidhbhín, Midnat, Míonait, Media, Mab, Mabyn, Mabel, Medb Lethderg, Medb Crúachán (Intoxicating One-Red) Fínmed ní Fingen, Meda, Fínmhidh, Finnvey (Wine-Mead) Achtán, Achtland (Beauty of All Beauty, Queen of the Western Host) Papartis (Arthur’s Nipple) Argantoratis (Silver Womb) Rhedyn, Reden, Renniagh, Raineach, Roineach, Raithneach, Ratisbona, Raden, Raten Ratena, Bean-Rath (Lady of the Womb) Rhan (Fate) §Regina Castra, Raegina (Wolf Queen) Bécuma Cheisgel ní Eoghan Inbir (Grieved Woman Of the Fair Skin Daughter of River Mouth) Delbchaem, Delbnat, Dealbhnait (Fair Shape) Delia, Del, Delyth (Visible)

Sisters: Clothra, Eithne, Eli, Fial, Fedelm , Mugain & Olwen

‘Andromeda hailed from the Sept of Gorgon’s Sentry, an all Black Fury caern in the Aegean Sea.’

Quadrata / Reginopolis / Tiberia / Tiburnia / Hyatospolis / Hierapolis: Ratisbon or Regensburg, Germany
Ratiatum: Reze, Rathen, Austria
Argantoratis, Wales
Argantoratum: Strasbourg
Bile Meibe Ráth Cruachain : Intoxicating Forest Red Womb
Ráth Medhbha: Medb’s Womb
Fual Medba: Medb’s Urine

(pron. Mayv rhyming with wave, MAY-BUHL, MEE-nit, FIN-vee, AKH-tan, AHKT-lawnd, RA, Renniagh, DELV-nit, DEL, DEL-ith) Greek: from Delos, visible. Corca Dhuibhne: Black Oat Sun goddess of fertility who can take the form of an owl or cyclops. [Extra eyes and one eye signify second sight in Ireland] The most beautiful woman in Ireland, She has a long face, slender pale white hands, thin shapely feet, thin curved berry red lips, flowing red hair who wears a golden coronet, carries a squirrel and a raven on each shoulder and dresses in white with a sword, dagger, bare arms and legs. She bestows kingship at the Hill of Tara and travels in a magic glass boat. She can have sex with thirty men in one day. She is the Queen of Leinster & Connaught, the mother and wife of Conn: Reed, his son Art: Bear, his son Cormac: Raven and wife to Cormac as well. Her tomb in Sligo: Shell Place is an enormous cairn with forty thousand tons of rock placed on the summit of Mount Knockera. She lives there with her court. Her palace made of red yew and pine has 7 chambers, 16 brass fixture windows and a skylight. The Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth has her palace at Mabua Nant yr Ellyllon by the ruins of Dinas Bran: Raven Castle, Llangollen: Hazel Place, Wales housing her servants Jack o’ Lanterns.

 In The Adventures of Art: Grieved Woman, with soft curly golden yellow hair, clear dove gray eyes, snow white teeth in a red satin smock, green silk cloak with golden fringe and white bronze sandals controlling the crescent moon, and dew, was banished from The Many Colored Land for a time after having an affair with Gaidiar ap Manawydden. She went to Art, the High King of Ireland, at Benn Etair, told him she was of a Fair Shape, had sex with him and conceived Cormac Mac Art. She played fidchell: black raven, a chess-like game with him and won with the aid of invisible servants. She went to the cairn of Fiachu: Raven, kindled a fire, out of which burst five streams of flame. From these descend the five Delbnas: Fair Shapes. The jetted fountains of fire-mist winding up in spiral whirls to the sky that guard the Fountains of Youth.

 She was imprisoned in a tower in the Land of Wonder by her parents Mongán Finn: White God and Coinchenn Cennîata: Nessa. Art finally got to her after killing seven hags in the wood, going through a lake of toads, river of ice, a choice between two cups with one containing poison [Aeb], and one wine [Finscoth]. In a parallel story she is imprisoned by a step-aunt. The King of Greece takes the form of a linnet to be with her and sleeps in her bosom. Her step-aunt turns the alder tree by the tower into a serpent which writhes and bites him in twenty places. Medb sends the linnet to the Yellow River of All Healing three times. Unfortunately the King is given the drink of forgetfulness at the river and goes home to Greece to marry Medb’s stepsister Sorcha: Bright. His memory is restored when Sorcha forgets to put the cloak of sleep on him and he hears Medb’s voice.

 Her sisters are: Carmán: Almond and Sirona: Star. She is born from the seventh egg. The six are Fidele, Katherine, Margaret, Alice, Isabel & Ursula. Her feast day is September 21st. §Latin. Cill Míde: Church of Saint Ida (pron. Kil-meed), Kilmeedy Village [R519], Leinster, Ireland Situated at a crossroads. Five roads radiate from the village. (6, 24, 45, 47,50, 51, 58, 60, 71, 80, 97, 138, 181, 183, 188, 197, 211, 243, 252)

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