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Queens: E

Ellén, Aliénor, Elinor, Eléanor, Oillín, Ailbe, Aibhilin, Ailinn, Evelyn, Aillán, Ailléne, Eilionwy, Héloîse, Helias, Éli, Éile (Light, Sheen, Beauty, Radiance) Hélène, Hellieê, Héloïse, Hela (Golden Bear) Hellicê, Helygenn (That Which Turns, Willow Branch) Heledd (Wound of Goodness) Helie (Salt Water) Heodez (Bee) Heulyn, Heulwen (White Radiance) Hoel (Ray of Sunshine) Hellawes, Helori, Hilary, Helliougmounis, Hieul, Hilda, Iltud (Sun) Alauina, Alanna, Alemandine (Harmony) Elaine Corbenic ap Pelles (The Lily Maid of the Blessed Body, Lady of Shallot) Lore, Lorie, Lorée, Lorette, Lorène, Lorraine, Lorelei (From the Sea Coast) Enora, Aanor, Adénora, Aénor, Léonor, Léonora, Léonore, Lorna, Nora, Nore, Noreen, Norette, Noria, Noriane, Norig, Noura, Nouria (Honor) Alys, Alice, Alicia, Alika, Eilis, Ailís, Halle, Caileach Adelheidis (Veiled One) Eliso, Elsa, Elle (Alder) Matres Alaisiagae, Ialysa, Lyssa, Alyssa ní Nyx (Snake Woman, Intoxicated One) Liana, Liane (Charm) Ula, Uli, Ulicia (Sea Jewel, Gem of the sea)

Her flower is aillean or eillinn: elecampane: Elecampane is a lucky plant to wear in the hat or cap, because it has the power to frighten robbers, thieves, and all sly people.

If placed in the cap of a deceptive person, the person becomes red-faced.

Welsh children have a rhyme:

Elecampane, what is my name?
If you ask me again, I will tell you the same.

Though contesting with fire thou wast not burned,/ for the dew of God refreshed thee./ Thou didst rejoice to accomplish struggles beyond nature./ As thou art now among the righteous O Hilary, remember us – Kontakion of St Hilary tone 1

Sisters: Aina [Water from Heaven] [Fertility goddess Aine is also sometimes known as Aillen] Clothru [Light], Eithne [Seed], Fial [9 Times Beautiful], Mugain [Cluster of Nuts], Medb [Honey] & Olwen [White Deer] : Aeb [Mind], Cliodna [Cherished], Étain [Emerald Goddess] & Fínscoth [Lusterous Blossom]

Nepenthê, a care-dispelling drug, which Polydamna, wife of Thonis king of Egypt gave to Helen in the Odyssey. A drink containing this drug changed grief to mirth, melancholy to joyfulness, and hatred to love. The water of Ardenne had the opposite effects.

Nepenthê is a drink of sovereign grace,
Devised by the gods for to assuage
Heart’s grief, and bitter gall away to chase
Which stirs up anger and contentious rage;
Instead thereof sweet peace and quietage
It doth establish in the troubled mind
And such as drink, eternal happiness do find.
– Spenser: Faërie Queene, iv. 2 (1596)

Lorelei or Lurlei, a siren of German legend, who haunted a rock of the same name on the right bank of the Rhine, half-way between Bingen and Coblenz. She combed her hair with a golden comb, and sang a wild song, which enticed fishermen and sailors to destruction on the rocks and rapids. – Brewer’s Dictionary

Hélliotrope is stone of such extraordinary virtue that the bearer of it is effectually concealed from the sight of all present.–Boccaccio: Decameron (day viii. 3)

Hel Keplein, a mantle of invisibility, belonging to the dwarf-king Laurin.– The Heldenbuch (13th century)

(pron. AY-va, AYV-lan, ay-LEEN, EYE-lee-on-WEE, EHL-oh-WEEZ, hay-LOH-ree, hay-OH-days, EYE-layn-AH, ah-LAN-uh, AY-luhn, AL-vee, EYE-leesh, AH leesh, AYL-a, EL-lee, ay-NOH-rah) Mother goddess of the Dorian Tribe of Greece known as the Golden Bear. Her constellation is the Great Bear with Artemis: The Little She-Bear Constellation. The 2 constellations & the winds turn the mill-stone of the universe. In Athens, a girl of 10 & a girl of 5, dressed in saffron-yellow robes in honor of the moon play the part of the sacred bears. Queen of the Dead, Princess of Listinois: The Wasteland who lives at Castle Corbenic: Castle Raven / Castle of Adventures / Castle Perilous where the Holy Grail lies on a velvet bed. She is as beautiful as a summer rose in mid-winter, with clear blue eyes, streaming golden hair, and lips as red as blood. She wears a garland of pearls around her head, dresses in white silk, and has an enchanted sword belt which only Meriadeuc can unfasten. Handmaiden of the goddess Ysolde. She comes out to her rose garden in the moonlight to spin webs of color. When Lancelot comes to Corbenic he sees a vision of the fragrant golden chalice called the grail flown in on the wings of a dove and then a vision of it in her cupped hands. Her symbol is a cross and 3 crowns that make up the arms of Colchester: Dove Place [Cheshire]. Her 4 consorts are [4 is a sacred number of creation]: Fintan: White Salmon, Ban: White Boar, Gawain: White Hawk, Lancelot: White Foundling. Her sisters are bioras: yellow lily & blue lily: daughters of Leno, Giant of Loch Lein.

In the Saga of Burnt Njal she is the daughter of Loki and Angurboda, a giantess. She is with Hauskuld, The Priest of Whiteness at Castle Hellheim in Niflheim, in the midst of eternal snow and darkness. In the movie Jack the Giant Killer she is the Princess of Cornwall under King March / Mark: Horse. Her son with Lancelot named Galahad: Sun Diety Hair Like Rain is destined to heal her father, the Wounded King, god of the autumn harvest and restore Listinois to a land of fruit and grain. While she is waiting she moves to Castle Blayant on the Joyous Isle with baby Galahad to live with Lancelot until he is called back to the Round Table. Her sons with the Titan Father Time at Mount Claudius: Helicon, a mountain of Bæotia, sacred to the Muses are Llary & Fabaous.

In Spenser’s the Faërie Queene, she is the May Queen, veiled to show her divine grace, with a yellow basket to collect raspberries. Her people are the elves: alder faeries. She died of grief over news of the god Baile: Tree / Town and they were buried in adjoining graves. An apple tree sprang from hers, a yew from his and grew together. The trees were made into wands centuries later. In Aquitane and the Garonne Valley [her shrine is at Aquitane] she died with Abélard, god of apples and they were buried in the same tomb. 2 trees, one dark-skinned and the other light-skinned grew intertwined above their grave. Her shrine is at Arles-Arle in Provence-Provença, France. Pre-Christian reliefs on the tombstones of the cemetery-necropolis of Alyscamps, Latin: Elissi Campi: Elysian Fields at Arle show the soul in resurrection. [the raising of Lazarus]. Drue de mourtilage was practiced. The corpse was lain in a boat, with money in it and floated down the Rhône-Ròse: Red Alder River to Alyscamp. Alys or Halys is the name of the biggest river of Asia Minor, and that is is pre-Hellenic is shown by the town of Aliassus built on its banks just before it turns north to empty into the Southern Black Sea. The necropolis was looted during the Renaissance and demolished to build the railway system.

In the Black Cauldron she helps Taran: Thunder, Flewwdur Flam: Fire and Henwen: White Sow the guardian of the grail escape from the palace of the Horned King. As St. Enora she is the wife of St. Efflam: Fire who lives in the city of Ys. She was decapitated by her brother Tangi: Holy Fire on the basis of false rumors. However, she put her head back on and was as good as new. She lost reason while crying and confused the past and the present after the death of his / her 8 sisters and 7 brothers. Her feast day is May 6th / October 14th / December 31st. Places: Sarn Helen: The Holy Road one of the 4 Royal Roads of Britain, Dún Aillinne: Fortress of Light, s.e. Co. Kildare: Church of the Oak, Ireland, Slíabh Eibhlinne: 12 Mountains of Eibhlinne, Elsdon, Les Allamands & L´Aillires: Allimani Tribe, Haute-Savoie, Bois aux Allemands: Vaud, Allemogne: Thoiry, Pays de Gex. Treutse à l´Aille, L´Aillette: Balme, Valais; Allières: Gruyère, Aillon: Manderscheid, Germany, Hellbrunn, Salzburg. (26, 45, 47, 56, 58, 60, 65, 70, 71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 80, 82, 89, 93, 99, 100, 133, 210)

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