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[Iodadh Ogham Character]Ciar Dubh, Ciarán, Keiran, Kieran, Piran, Pirran, Peran, Perran, Kiarfal (Dark, Black, Mouse-Colored)

Darerca was my mother;
She was not an evil woman;
Beoid, the carpenter, was my father;
He was of the Latharna Molt.
– Chronicum Scotorum

Delbna bEthra: Five Trees
Clonmacnoise, Offaly: She went to the cairn of Fiachu: Raven, kindled a fire, out of which burst 5 streams of flame. From these descend the 5 Delbnas: Fair Shapes. The jetted fountains of fire-mist winding up in spiral whirls to the sky that guard the Fountains of Youth.

(pron. KEE-ar GOO, KEE a rawn, KEER-an, PEER-an, PER-an) God of the Eoganacht [Yew-dynasty] of Munster. His twin brother is Declan. His holy well and yew tree are at Clonmacnoise, County Offaly, Ireland. It has 3 stone heads that are kissed. When he was 33 years old he became a saint who traveled to Cornwall and founded monasteries in Cornwall and Clonmacnoise. March 5, his feast day, is celebrated as the Cornish National Day. The Cornish flag bears the cross of St. Piran. His other day Saint Piran’s Day is September 19. In one story as Ciar Dubh, Prince of Lomhann, he slew the yellow goddess Muileateach Sea House with the combined power of: Fionn: White, Dhuinne: Black & Cearbhal: Red, Diarmaid: The Healer, Iall o’Buidhne: Iall of the Yellow & Iollainn: Dawn, Oisean: Little Fawn & Oscar: Deer Lover, Glaisean o’Damhach: Green One of the Antlered Deer (GLAY-shen oh DAH-ack) & Ard Amhard: Great Height (pron. art AH-erd). Surnames: Carran, Carine, Craine, Mac Ciarain. His ruined monastery at Errillin is a field called the Bawn. Underneath the mound there is a chamber, admission to which is through an opening, now filled up. His ashtree is on the roadside and his well flowed from it before being moved. Rathkeiran: Dark Womb Parish, County Kilkenny, Munster Province, Ireland. According to people in Mullinavat town the ancient church of this district stood in Listrolin, in the laneway leading over the Assy River to Ballinacoaley. In 1850, the remains of old church and graveyard were uprooted and tilled. In the Icelandic Saga The Story of the Ere Dwellers his daughter is Rafarta. Latin: Beatisimus episcopus Ciaranus sanctorum Hibernie primogenitus. Leabhar na hUidhri: Book of the Dun Cow (pron. yower no hoodra) written by Mailmuri Mac Kelleher in Cloinmaise or Clonmacnois Monastery. Its name is because it was written on vellum made from the hide of Saint Ciarán’s cow. Chewidden Thursday: White Thursday, the 1st Thursday before Christmas where black tin (St Ciarán) is melted & refined to white tin (St. Chewidden) (11, 73, 88, 95:2, 189, 255, 267)

Brothers: Bres Sreng: Moon Embroiderer, Elotha Ecne: Raven Knowledge, Coll: Hazel, Conall: Reed, Heulyn: Sunshine, Declan, Neb, Ovan, Donal: Dark One & Celta (58, 72)

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