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Queens: M

[Ceirt Ogham Character]Mell, Melangell, Melobosis, Melania ní Albina, Mélanie, Gargamelle, Harimella (Honey) Mélusine, Melusina (Wonder, Marvel, Sea-Mist) Mélissa (Honeybee) Florimel (Flower Honey) Ablach, Abhlach (Having Apple Trees) Carvilia, Sangive (The Black Rose) Dot, Dotterine (Egg Yolk) Viradechthis, Dechtiré, Dectera, Deichtine (Tenth)

The old woman stood thinking for a little: then she drew something from the folds of her dress, and, undoing a number of wrappings, brought out a tiny basket made of birch-bark. She held it out to the queen, saying, ‘In the basket you will find a bird’s egg. This you must be careful to keep in a warm place for 3 months, when it will turn into a doll. Lay the doll in a basket lined with soft wool, and leave it alone, for it will not need any food, and by-and-by you will find it has grown to be the size of a baby

...The boy you will bring up yourself, but you must entrust the little girl to a nurse. When the time comes to have them christened you will invite me to be godmother to the princess, and this is how you must send the invitation. Hidden in the cradle, you will find a goose’s wing: throw this out of the window, and I will be with you directly; but be sure you tell no one of all the things that have befallen you.’

The queen was about to reply, but the old woman was already limping away, and before she had gone two steps she had turned into a young girl, who moved so quickly that she seemed rather to fly than to walk.
The queen, hastened to her room, and felt carefully in the basket for the egg. There it was, a tiny thing of soft blue with little green spots, and she took it out and kept it in her bosom, which was the warmest place she could think of. Dotterine– a name which no one understood but the queen, who knew that the baby had come from the yolk of an egg. The boy was called Willem. – The Children Who Came from an Egg.

Preferring the rigours of monasticism
to worldly status and marriage,
0 pious Melangell,
though wast 15 years on a rock,
emulating the example of the Syrian Stylites.

Wherefore, 0 Saint,
pray to God that He will give us strength
to serve Him as He wills,
that we may be found worthy of His great mercy
– Orthodox Troparion of St Melangell tone 8

Sisters: Aibhell, Bláithnet , Bóann , Caoimhe , Finnuala, Meabal, Meng & Scothniamh

The Mheillea or Yn Meailley This term is used for the finishing of reaping corn, (oats) when the last handful is cut; this is bound up with ribbons, & what Wild flowers come readily to hand, & borne by the Queen of the Mheillea, some female favourite of the harvest-field, to the highest part of the land where the reapers express their joy in loud huzzas. a.k.a The Mell Supper – St. John’s Eve

(pron. MAHL, mel-AHNG-elh, AV-lach, deck-TIER-a or JEKH -chin-ya) Valerii goddess of the sea, with flowing yellow hair who is the sun charioteer of King Conchubar of Ulster. Dechtiré was born from a magic blue speckled egg with green spots given to her mother by her godmother. The eggshells were saved in a magic birch-bark basket. A goosefeather summons her godmother who by the shade of a lime tree says an incantation over the basket and creates a table covered with fruits and cakes. The daughter of Cathbad: Grain Cauldron, she turned into a bird and flew away from her wedding to Sualtaim: Long Haired Man to live with Lugh: Raven in his underworld palace. She & 50 handmaidens turned into birds, noone was able to find them for 3 years, they returned to destroy the vegetation at Emain Macha: Fertile Plain. The Ulster nobles went out against the birds with slings, they flew a little ways off and the men followed finding themselves near the Fairy Mound of Angus on the Boyne: Milk River. At night Sualtaim came to a lovely mansion by the river. Went he went in he found Lugh, his wife Dechtiré, and the 50 maidens who had been missing. Dechtiré swallowed a fly in her wine and Lugh impregnated her with his soul. Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound became their son. The next day she placed him in the hut where Sualtaim was sleeping. He was taken to be raised by her sister Findchaem: Beautiful. Before her son died in battle she brought him wine 3 times and each time it turned to blood when he tried to drink it.
 She fell in love with the Green Harper, went away with him and was not seen by her own people again. Sister Elbha: Light Sheen.Father Alun Mac Midna others say Net: Nest. Goddess of Quince. Quince jelly is one of the 13 sacred desserts of France at Christmas time.

 As Melora, She is daughter of King Arthur: Golden Bear. She fell in love with Prince Orlando of Thessaly who was imprisoned by Merlin’s servant the Destructive One on Mador’s bribe. Only the Lance of Longinus, the carbuncle of the daughter of the King of Narsinga, and oil of Tuis: Pig could dispose of the enchantments. Melora defeated the King of Africa on behalf of the King of Babylon who gave her the Lance and sent Levander, his servant, to accompany her. They were imprisoned by the King of Asia but escaped and obtained the porcine oil from their captor. The King of Narsinga and his daughter, Verona, gave them the carbuncle. Melora freed Orlando and they went to Thessaly. Levander married Verona. Melora is also in Jim Henson’s The Frog Prince movie with Kermit: Honey Mouth (6)

 As Gargamelle she is created of bones & 10 pounds of Guinevere; White Goddess’ nail clippings. In Spenser’s Faërie Queene she is made by a witch of snow, gold wire, virgin wax with an infusion of vermilion, two burning lamps in silver sockets for eyes and a gold girdle. She later melted. She takes the form of a woman with a blue and silver scaled serpent tail 15 feet long, swan or beautiful young girl with a diamond ring who lives in a castle and guards the north tower cauldron behind an iron door with 7 locks. She rules Magh Mell: The Plain of Honey / Emain Abhlach: Apple Tree Island, [Arran Islands of Scotland] , carries a lute and appears with a flowering branch of apples. The blossoms are crystal white and the twigs are of white silver. She tells Brân: Raven of dragonstones and crystals and the crystalline waves of the sea. The hare is called Melangell’s little lamb, in Wales and until recently not hunted. Meliae are nymphs of the ash tree. Brother: Kevin. Her saintly life was corrected by Palladius in Latin & in Greek and describes her 9 woman convent on the Mount of Olives and conversion of her pagan uncle Volusian in Constantinople Barberini library. Her feast day is New Year’s Eve: December 31st. Houses: Mervent, Vouvant, Saint-Maixent, Talmont & Parthenay. Areas are Lusignan, Fort-de-Cé in Poitou-Peitiu, Vendée and Gironde-Gironda. Melle, Belgium. (7, 24, 29, 32, 45, 50, 51, 57, 58, 60 , 64, 69, 71, 72, 73, 77, 80, 88, 89, 92, 102, 107, 131, 133, 160, 188, 193)

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