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[Straif: Blackthorn]Sorcha Griannon (Bright Colored Sun, Radiant, Light) Sive, Saraid (Best Noble) Suanach (Drowsy)

A’Ghrian: The Sun- Carmina Gadelica #316
Fàilte ort féin, a ghrian nan tràth
’S tu siubhail ard nan speur;
Do cheumaibh treun air sgéith nan ard,
’S tu mathair àigh nan reul.

Thu laighe sìos an cuan na dìth
Gun dìobhail is gun sgàth,
Thu ’g éirigh suas air stuagh na sìth
Mar rìoghain òg fo bhlàth.

Sùil Dhé mhóir,
Sùil Dhé na glòir,
Sùil Righ nan slògh,
Sùil Righ nam beò,

Dòrtadh oirnne
Gach òil agus ial,
Dòrtadh oirnne
Gu fòill agus gu fial

Glòir dhuit fhéin,
A ghréin an àigh

(pron. SUR-cha, Sor-ra-cha, SAHR-ich, SUAN-ach) Solar Goddess who is the only daughter and seventh child of a seventh son: Colum / Colm: Dove, Lord of the Waters. She is the only one who can break the spell that has turned her six brothers [Finbarr, Finn, Liam / Fer Li: Bright Man, Diarmuid, Cormac: Raven, Conor: Reed] into swans. She weaves shirts of starwort nettles to transform them into human form. Her ogham symbol is the Blackthorn. Her step-mother is Una: Lamb. She was supposed to be married to the king of Greece, but it fell through, and he married her step-sister Medb: Intoxicating One. She is 33 years old. In the Hard Servant Finn visits the Kingdom of Sorcha after visiting Tír fo Thuinn: The Land Under-Wave and helps the King of Sorcha fight the invading Greeks with the sons of kings of the eastern and southern world. (80, 183, 229)

Welcome to You, the sun of the seasons,
As you traverse the skies;
Your steps are strong on the wing of the heavens.
You are the glorious mother of the stars.

Elemental of the Sea
Elemental of Glory
Queen of the Multitudes
Queen of All-Life.

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