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[Iodadh: Yew Ogham]Kérès, Ceres (Red Women: Les Dames Rouges) Carmentes (Rose Almonds, Walnuts) Nymphs (Fertile Women) Cera, Carragh, Ceri, Cari, Kerry (Bright Red) Carun Cassibodua Chasdub ferch Saxall Balb (Red Pure of Heart Curly Black Haired Daughter of Crow) Ceirean, Cirein-cròin, Cionarain-crò (Red Pure) Cerband (Red Women) Carmán, Carmenta, Car, Cardea, Cochrann ní Glas an Desmond (Red Woman) Cáer Ibormeith, Caor Ormaith, Caoránach (Red Berry) Cossa (White Legged) Kerry Carabuncle the Loch Geal Monster (Moon Lake Monster) Gilveen, Gealach, Geal Chossach (Bright Moon) Gala, Galata, Galatea, Ge, Gaia (Milk Giving) Cessair (Sea Drift, Pollen)

Ruis Trom Ysgaw: Tree of the Cailleach 3 fold aspects of Time, Existence, Goddess. Ogham of Timelessness or unity of all time. Balance in 3's. Rocnat (roebuck red). (6, 37, 71, 140, 141, 180)

A slice off her heel
And a slice off her toes,
Kari Woodengown’s shoe
Fills with blood as she goes!

When Ireland coalesced out of the Underworld, the 1st beings to reach it were the followers of Cessair, a chieftain Who brought with Her 50 women and 3 men.
Leabhar na Gala Eireann: The Book of Invasions

This dwarf stands guarding an apple-tree, from which I am bound to pluck an apple. ..Next I shall find the flower that laughs [large scarlet pansy on a plain with roses of every colour, yellow broom, pink honeysuckle] protected by a lion whose mane is formed of vipers. I must pluck that flower, and go on to the lake of the dragons and fight the black man who holds in his hand the iron ball... After that, I enter the valley of pleasure [a delicious garden full of fruits, fountains running with wine, and flowers chanting in soft little voices], where some who conquered all the other obstacles have left their bones. If I can win through this, I shall reach a river with only 1 ford, where a lady in black [in a black satin dress and her face the colour of a Moorish woman’s] will be seated. She will mount my horse behind me, and tell me what I am to do next.

‘Do you know how to kill the magician?’ asked the lady, as they were crossing the ford.
‘I thought that, being a magician, he was immortal, and that no one could kill him,’ replied Peronnik.
‘Persuade him to taste that apple, and he will die, and if that is not enough I will touch him with my finger [which is yellow], for I am the plague,’ answered she. – Castle of Ker-Glas: Le Foyer Breton, par Emile Souvestre.

The lady’s name is Bubona. Bubastis, capital of Egypt under Pharoah Sheshon I, 950 BCE. Kesara is a fragrant flower used in India in the worship of the goddess Srí Devi who has over 1000 names

    Sacred temple sites in:
  1. Kerlescan: Place of Burning [600+ menhir stones in 13 lines forming V shape. Le tumulus Saint-Michel is NW of the village] Kermau Village, Carnac, Moribhan, Brittany France
  2. Kermario [982 standing stones. As Stonehenge it is oriented for the summer solstice sunrise or equinox. amber beads found in burial chamber] La Trinité sur Mer, Carnac, Morbihan, Brittany France
  3. Caeritis amnis-Cervetri [CVETHN: La Banditaccia tomb. IVNON: alabastar sarcophagi with draped curly-haired, black-eyed, red-lipped men with 2 small lions. Gaulish man with neck torque & 4 lions on a couch] Sanguinara, Italy.
  4. Carmentray (Seine-et-Marne), Carenta, Carentani, Carentini, Carento, Carentan, France (Manche)
  5. Tr’er Ceiri, Ceredigion, Wales
  6. Caer Ceri: Red Castle: Cirencester
  7. Carascus, Caeroesi tribe of Gascony-Gasconha north of Trèves [Carignan wines]
  8. la Necróplis de Carmona [Carthage, Cybele]
  9. Carnutes: Children of Car [Womb of Gaule: Olde URL: www.jaguarmoon.org/public/Goddess/Dark.htm] Chartres Cathedral
  10. Carmagnola, Italy. (Turin)
(pron. KER-EHS, KE-a-ra, KYAR a, KAW-kran, KAW-ran, kaw-REEN, KER, KAHR-ee, KER-ee, VEAGH, KAH-seer) Inishoven, Donegal. 9-fold Goddess of magic, poetry, and the earth. She lives on a secret island and conceived 9 sons with the god Rhys: Red Alder. Takes the form of the serpent Caoránach: Red who was banished to Loch Derg: Red Lake by Saint Patrick.
 She is beautiful with thin brows, snow-white skin, dark curly hair, poppy-red lips, eyes that glow like embers who wears a blood red dress with a scarlet cloak. She lives with Óengus the Sun god at Newgrange. County Honey, Ireland in her human form for part of the year and he a swan on her lake Lough Carmán for the other half. Embroiderer, spinner, and baker of wheat and honey bread. She came to Ireland from Athens to blight the grain and was defeated by the Túatha dé Dannan: Water from Heaven People. She made the Túatha dé Danann: Water from Heaven people promise to hold a festival every 3 years in her rememberance and it was set up September 22nd to ensure continued growth of food. The festival was held, with only 1 interruption, until 1023 CE as the biggest religious and social event of the Irish province of Leinster. She can destroy anything by chanting spells. She sows the earth with salt on her way, laying whole landscapes waste.

 In Cari Woodengown She ran away from home with her blue bull that provides limitless food in an escape from her evil stepmother. The bull led her through copper, silver, and golden apple tree forests to the palace of the High King. She became a serving maid in a black wooden gown for a horrible prince, Eochaid Mugmedón: Slave-Lord, (pron. AH-chee mwee VEE-an) who poured water over her. At night she transformed into a beautiful woman in a copper dress, went to Eochaid’s ball, and said she was from Bathland. The next night she wore a silver dress from Towelland. Eochaid threw a comb at her in the morning and at night she appeared in a golden gown flashing like rays of the sun, golden shoes hailing from Combland. Her shoe stuck fast in tar while escaping the ball and the prince carried the shoe all over to find the maiden. Cari’s step-sister sliced off part of her foot to fit Cari’s shoe and marry the prince, but on the marriage day a bird sung of the deceit, blood flowed from the shoe. Cari tried it on with success. Cari’s child with Eochaid is Niall Noígiallach: Cloud of the Nine (pron. NE-yul NUY-yee-uhl-ach) who dresses her in purple rainment. Grah Niaul Dolmen is in Carnac on the Rhys: Red Alder Peninsula. The symbol of the O’Neals of Tyrone: Red Place is the Red Hand of Ulster, which is the severed hand of Neal that he threw to the shore. She is the mother of: Dub: Black, Dother Olc: Evil, Dian: River & Anat: River, Mari: Sea of Bitterness. Her Dinsenchas Carmán. & her red seaweed is Carageenan. Her flower family is Caryophyllacae: Carnation

 As Kerry Carabuncle, the Loch Geal: Moon Lake Monster, She is covered in jewels and gold that lights up the Loch every 7 years. Legend says your fortune is assured if you can capture her. In The King of Ireland’s Son Gilveen is the middle daughter of the Enchanter of the Black-Back Lands who takes the form of a swan to bathe in the river with her sisters Aife & Fedelm. She is a golden-haired young woman who comes out at the white moon to gaze at herself in the looking glass, her corr: crane leading the visitor past the marshes and streams to her tower lighted with 2 candles. She is also 1 of Les Dames Rouges: The Red Women who open their scarlet cloaks and entice men with their erotic bodies. They reduce men to ashes with the fire of their breath and transform into swan maidens who live at Lóch Bel Dracon: Lake of the Dragon’s Mouth on Inis Cenn Fhinn. Ceirean, Cirein-cròin, Cionarain-crò is a Scottish sea serpent.
Seachd sgadain, sath bradain;
Seachd bradain, sath ròin;
Seachd ròin, sath mial-mòr-mara
Seachd mial, sath Cirein-cròin
7 herrings, a salmon’s fill;
7 salmon, a seal's fill;
7 seals, a large whale’s fill
7 whales, a cirein-cròin’s fill.

 Her magic pond is at Tréguier and the drowned youths held prisoner were freed by a holy begger who opened the locked gates and saw them resusitate and walk towards her on the water.

 Her sisters are Sirona: Sea Woman and Bécuma: Grieved Woman. Her consorts are Rudraidhe: Red of the Partholóns: Shapely Women and Nemed: Sacred Grove.

In Greek mythology she is a Nereid, a freshwater Epidryad Goddess of springs, the daughter of Nereus and Doris. Her sister Pastvorta forecasts the future and Antevorta the past. They are veiled with golden or silver hair crowned with reeds. They adorn themselves with garlands of flowers and carry shells, baskets of fruits, sheaves of wheat and bowls filled with pearls. They are the roundness of the waves. The Nymphs are born on the water from a bubble, a drop of water, and water lilies. The Nymphaem in Athens is situated on the hill of the Nymphs. The 5th hour of the day (11 o’clock in the morning) is dedicated to the Nymphs. It is at that time that they return to earth. A thought is enough to evoke her on the triumphal arch of a rainbow.

Cardea of Alba Longa rules over the Celestial Hinge at the back of the North Wind around which the mill-stone of the Universe revolves. Cardinalis is applied to the 4 main winds. Carmentalia: The Carmenta Festival iis n early January.

 In An Braon Suan Or: Teardrop of Golden Sleep She is the daughter of Glas of Desmond, held in enchantment by the powerful druid Amerach who makes her promise not to sleep with a man unless he brings magical crimson Uhar: yew berries, holly boughs: Craov Cuilleann, and marigolds: Luis Bui from the earthly seat of power. Feargal, the hero, performs it and wins Fiongalla. (32, 35:2, 36, 47, 58, 63, 68, 71, 77, 79, 97, 99, 102, 107, 111, 115, 120, 125, 133, 183, 189, 197)

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