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[Eabhadh Ogham]Fee, Fays (Divine Ones, Flowers) Feich (Raven) Fama, Fame, Pheme, Feme, Femmair, Feamair (Need, Enquiring) Fata Morgana (Enchanted Great Strength of Life) Morgan La Fey (The White Queen) Mor Gwyn, Morwenna (The White Maid) Muire Mór (Sea) Margo, Marjorie (Edge of the Sea) Moriath (Sea Land) Morag Inghean Dhomhnaill (Sea Daughter of Donald) Muiriol, Muirgel, Meriel, Meryl (Shining Sea) Meredith (Guardian of the Sea, Magnificent) Modron (Divine Mother) Parthenos (Woman) Mathonwy (Bear) Trois Maries, Carvilia, Sangive (Red One) Rosín Dubh (The Black Rose)

The choicest of our letters is one half (i.e. Mor) of the name (i.e. Muire Mor) given to Mary, God’s mother, owing to her great duty; this half of the Virgin’s name is, owing to its proclaiming of glory, formed from the Virgin’s name (i.e. Muire) spelt with O. No mere wife bore the greatest of all sons, no son of mere man was the Prince of Paths; thy progeny (O Mary)... Heaven’s land . . .. up from His shoes’ white sole (86)

In Paradise dwell our Mothers...They sing the Song of the Sea with great joy and many holy angels with them...In the time-to-come, the Holy Presence, the Shekhina, will return from her exile in the world. (132)

Shekhina: Talmudic term for the created splendor of light which acts as an intermediary between God and man, and which sometimes takes on human form. One of many female incarnations of Divinity referred to in Hebrew literature; believed to physically be present with the people as they wandered in the desert for 40 years. When the Temple was destroyed, the Shekhina had to flee and divinity was split apart. Yahweh is composed of 4 letters: Yod, which stands for Father, Heh, which stands for Mother, Vav, which stands for Son, and Heh, which stands for Daughter. The Shekhina is associated with the Heh letter. According to Saadiah Gaon, the Shekhina is identical with kvod he-Shem (’the glory of God’), which served as an intermediary between God and man during the prophetic experience.

Provence: Ancient Europe’s cultural melting pot. “Celts, Egyptians and Phoenicians created a sophisticated civilization at the mouth of the Rhône River long before the Greek pirates of Jason arrived to plunder it.” After the fall of Jerusalem, it became the largest Jewish urban center west of Alexandria. (132)[Sara la Kali]Sara-la-Kâli

(pron. FAY-s, FAY-va, FAM-er, mohr-GAH-nah, mohr-GWIHN, moog-ahn, MORE MOON, MOHR-gaw, mir-EEN, mohr-WEN-ah, MEER-ol, MER-yel, MER-eel, MARE-eh-dihth, math-OON-oh-ee, EYE-leesh, AH leesh)

Spirits of pre-Celtic matrilineal races who know and speak all languages but are heard speaking the twittering of birds, the babbling of springs and the sighing of leaves. Queens of orchards planted with the apple trees of eternal youth. Created by the Fatae in the second year of First Age of the Sun; taught to speak by the goddess Duna who was punished by being exiled to a place beyond the Wall of the World. The Fays then taught the Fomorian giants how to speak. Feadh-Re= Fairy or Faery: means time and space. The Fa people are from Northern Italy by way of Mesopotamia. They worship the goddess Inanna.

Of the various words used by the Gallo-Romans to designate the ancient divinities, only one remained in the memory of the people... this word was fata, in the past a synonym for the Parcae, matroe or matrones, the ancient fata became the Faeries of the regions of the langue d’oïl, the Fadas those of the regions of the langue d’oc, and the Hadas those of Gascony. The Latin fatum became fatatus in low Latin, and Faé and in old French, the adjective meaning “destined” and by extension “enchanted” – Maury

 Shapeshifting goddess of the sea, setting sun, fate, death, rebirth, healing. She is depicted as sitting on a throne wearing a green gown, purple tunic, white bronze brooch, sceptre, with long, thick, ringleted, raven hair that smells like roses and violets, white skin, blue eyes, and red lips. She weaves threads of gold. She is called the Spinner and has knowledge of all healing herbs. Wherever she steps a flower grows. Each Sunday she turns into a serpent. King Arthur resides with her in Avalon: Apple Tree Island as he heals. Her symbols are a lily (Maiden), red flower (Mother) and black bird (Crone). Her consort is Ron Cerr: Seal and she lives under Lake Morar. Carn Fadrun: The Fort of Modron in Wales. Morganwg, Glamorgan: Wales. She also can be seen at La Tioul de las Fadas, a 12 foot long 6 stone table at Pirols, Haute Auvergne, France.

Her symbol is the seamróg or three leafed clover, the white rose, the milk thistle, and lungwort. Her Cupan Moire: Cup of Mary is a blue-eyed limpet shell that contains the milk of wisdom She has sacred snails. In mid-June, Fête Votive, at Oppidum Priscum Ra a.k.a Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer-Santa Maria del Mar: The Three Maries of the Sea is a Snail-lantern ceremony in Bouches-du-Rhône: Mouth of the Ròse: Red Alder River, France. La Fête du Cheval: Horse Festival has a white horse called the Mari Llwyd (pron. MEHR-EE LOO) in the procession. The town is also called Sancta Maria de Ratis [Saint Mary of the Womb] & Notre-Dame-de-la-Mer [Our Lady of the Sea], Terre des Lumières [Place of the Lights]. Provençal Legend says that Lazarus, St Maximinus; Cedonius the blind, the Three Maries of Provence, Marthe & Sara-la-Kâli came in a boat without a sail or oars from Jerusalem. The 3 Maries are: Mary Jacobé, sister of the Virgin [May 25th]; Mary Salomé, mother of the apostles James Major & John [Oct 22nd], Mary Madeleine [Magdalene] & Martha sisters of Lazarus. Sara is the Shekhina [July 27th]. Marie Salomé, Marie Jacobé & Sara remained in the Camargue, and were later buried in the oratory. The tomb of these 3 saints became a cult object, and has been the attraction of pilgrimages for the past 19 centuries. The navette is eaten. It is a boat-shaped pastry.

Mare Imbrium: Sea of Showers, Mare Nectaris: Sea of Nectar, Mare Nubiunm: Sea of Clouds or Black Sea Huge lava flows of the moon marked by ridges, graben, rilles, and faults devoid of water that can be seen as dark areas with the unaided eye. plural Maria. As Mór she is the daughter of Donnchad or Donald, as Modron she is his wife. (24, 29, 32, 50, 51, 57, 58, 59:2, 60, , 71, 72, 73, 77, 80, 88, 89, 92, 102, 107, 131, 150, 197)

Mari: Queen, Sea of Bitterness Sumerian goddess. Her twin sister is Anat: Strength of Life a.k.a Neith, Medusa: Wisdom, Metis: The Black One [from the Libyan Amazons. Her hair is dreadlocked to show her African origins. Black goddesses, black fertile soil: Artemis of Ephesus, Isis (sorrowing in search for Osiris), Ceres.] Her city was destroyed in 1650 BC by Hammurabi of Babylon and its ruins are located in Syria. Fátima: The Creatress (pron. FAH-tee-mah) Arabian moon goddess.

Sisters: Argante, Dindraine, Eluned, Enid, Guinevere, Igraine, Kundry & Raghnell

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