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Celtic Hags 6

[Coad: Grove Ogham]Mór Rígan, Morrígán, Rhiannon ferch Heveydd Hên, Rigarona, Riwan ferch Llyr (Great Queen) [Neman (Pearl) Arnemetia (Beside the Sacred Grove) // Manissa ní Garad, Maighnéis, Maignes, Macha (Fertile Plain) Machuta, Maches, Madge, Maga ní Garadh Glúndubh mac Morna, Magaia (Nursing, Nurturing) // Cathubdodua (Husk, Pod) Badb, Bodva (Crow) Caitlín, Cathleann, Katla, Kathleen (Grain Pool) Catherine, Catarina, Carine, Carina, Cateline (Pure, Husk)] Ríonach, Rignach, Rina, Ríofach (Queenly) Rossa of the Lakes (Red One) Cethlion, Kethlenda (Crooked Teeth) Gwendydd, Gwenith, Gwynith, Gwyneth, Gweneth, Gyneth (White Blessed One) Gandieda (Shining Wheat) Bienpensant, Beauvivant (Ever-Living)
Three Moirraghyn hie dyn Raue, ny Ke imee as ny Cughtee, Peddyr as Paul, dooyrt Moirrey jeu, shass, dooyrt Moirreyjeu, shooyl, dooyrt Moirrev elley, Dy gasi yn uills/io/i, myr chastyne uill haink as lottyn Chreest: mis/i dy glira eli, as mac Moirrey dy chooilleeney eli.Three Great Queens went to Rome, the longitude, Peter and Paul, said Mary one, stand, said Mary two, walk, the other Mary said, May this blood stop, as repressible blood came from the wounds of Christ: me to say it and the son of Mary to fulfil it.
Macha’s altar at Aquae: Baden-Baden, Germany has a relief of a seated goddess with a fruit or loaf in her hand. Machlinium / Maslinas / Mechlinia / Malisnensis / Mechlineensis: Mecheln, Belgium. Emain Macha, Ard Macha: Macha’s Height, Ireland. Triple goddess with Cranna: Birch Tree & Llena: Moon Sister of St. Cadog: Soul Carrier.

As Badb she prophesied the end of the world:
Peace up to heaven, Heaven down to earth, Earth under heaven, Strength in every one... ...I shall not see a world that will be dear to me Summer without flowers, Kine will be without milk, Women without modesty, Men without valor, Captures without a king... Woods without mast, Sea without produce... Wrong judgments of old men, False precedents of lawyers, Every man a betrayer, Every boy a reaver...

Caitlín: Grain Pool fell in love with the God Carth: Hemp in Welsh, who was sunbathing & had angel-blue eyes & peach-down cheeks. They settled down to live in the hollow of a tree by the river. The Widow of the Cove beat Caitlín with a blackthorn stick for stealing her son from her & they tore him asunder in a fight.
 Fionn: White One tells her that he has to get magic from Angus Óg: The Young Sun God to put the 2 halves of her husband back together. Fionn buries the dead bones of her husband before they go North to rescue the god Llyr: Sea. Start digging Fionn. The moon grows pale. The waters grieve and we have much to do you and I.
 Caitlín wears a robe of white fur in the North & breaks the manacles of the God Llyr chained to the Pillar of the Roof of the World, while Fionn conquers the dragon by filling his ice-mouth with the bruane: golden seeds of the sunset .
 Caitlín wears a lacy white gown spun of foam in her marriage to King Llyr with a crown of coral & pearls. The bruane is the fire-seed, embers from which other fires are lit. – The Green Hero

Catherine’s fair is December 6th on the Isle of Man Her hen is carried in a procession & buried: Kiark Catrna marroo: Catherine’s hen is dead. Gowsyn kione as goyms ny cassyn, The head take thou & I the feet, As ver mayd ee fo’n thalloo. We shall put her under the ground.

(pron. MORE REE-an, kat-LEEN, GWEN-ith, MAHL DEE-sawn) Gaulish triple goddess of the underworld & fertility who represents 3 goddesses Neman: Pearl (pron. NIM-awn) [Neman River of Belarus-Lithuania] aka Arnemetia: Beside the Sacred Grove: Arnemetiae, Derbyshire, Macha: Fertile Plain (pron. MAAX-ah,ma-ha,makh-uh) [Last wife of Fionn Mac Cumhaill before Gráinne: Sun. Son Fachtna, King of Ulster] & Badb: Crow (pron. Bayv, bove) in a single form. Cauth Bodva is the name the Cauldron of Regeneration in Gaule. Queen of the Fomorian giants, goddess of beauty, who prophesied the conquering of their people by the Tuátha dé Danaan: Water from Heaven People. She is a beautiful goddess with flowing red hair braided into 9 loose tresses and that identifies her as the supreme form of the Triple Goddess. Her flaming red hair is the color of autumn maple trees & smells like rain. She has red eyebrows, white skin, unholy blue eyes, wears a red dress, crimson mantle with gold at her bare arms & throat. She appears as a raven, crow, black cat [means grain protector], wolf, eel, dragon, cow, snow white swan, 3 goddesses [who brought mist, dark clouds, blood & showers of fire over the invading Firbolgs at Teamhair for 3 days], beautiful young girl [1 time with golden hair, golden robes with snow white horse to meet Pwyll], banshee Washer of of the Ford [to Cú Chúllain: Hazel Hound] or ugly hag. She is descended from the Fomorian giants and mates with the god Dagda of the Túatha dé Danaan every Halloween. [Hall of the Morrigu: in the house of the Dagda at the Brugh na Boinne: Newgrange]. She lives in the Land of the North: Annwvynn or Tír na Marbh: Land of the Dead whose realm is at the bosom of Cardigan Bay She travels with 3 magical birds who make the dead waken & the living fall into a 7 year sleep. Her symbol is the seamróg 3-leafed clover. Her feast day is March 4. In the Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth she is stuck to a golden bowl by a marble fountain in the Immortal World trying to rescue her son Pryderi, she is widowed, marries Mannawydden. She gives the god Diarmuid beauty. Her son Meche is thrown into the Barrow: Boiling River. Goddess of Death, Queen of the Witches [Salt Magic], Phantom Queen, The Fates: The Weird Sisters of Shakespeare’s MacBeth. (58, 59, 71, 171, 191)
 In the Icelandic Saga The Story of the Ere Dwellers she is a widow who lives at Holt, west of Mewlithe. She is a kveld-ritha: Ride-by-night & spins yarn from a rock. The troll-god Geirrid puts a blue mantle over her. In 307 AD Catherine, daughter of the King of Cypress, was scourged & broken on the wheel for refusing to marry Emperor Maximus of Alexandria. The wheel fractured & ignited at her death, the yellow-haired Empress was beheaded & buried by moonlight. Her tomb is on Mt Sinai. Cypress is a Tree of Resurrection. Les Catherinettes is November 25th in Canada & France. Young unmarried women wear paper bonnets. Au X11e siècle, on exposait sa statue dans les églises de Paris et le 25 novembre de chaque année, on déposait une coiffe sur sa tête. C’était la plus âgée des jeunes filles qui le faisait. Par la suite, les ouvrières non mariées se coiffaient de bonnets de papier. Taffy is baked. A Catherine wheel is also seen at Lammas. Cerne Abbas: Silver Well, Cernel, Dorset by Giant Hill, is her well, New-born babies are dipped into the well when the first rays of sunlight touch the waters. Girls go there & pray for a husband, turning around 3 times. A Catherine Wheel carved on the left hand stone by the well comes from a ruined abbey burned & looted by King Canute. The well cures eye problems & infertility. Her Christian sect is known as the Cathari. (6, 18, 20, 24, 37, 40, 46, 47, 50, 51, 71, 72, 95, 97, 132, 133, 134, 144, 210, 221)

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