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Queens: S

Fínscoth, Scothniamh ní Bheara, Sgoithniamh, Sgathniamh (Lustrous Blossom, Flower-lustre) Scathniamh ní Bodb Dearg (Bright Flower Daughter of Dangerous Red)

She and her sisters: Aeb & Aife, Ellén, Cliodna, Étain & Fedelm live in a dense forest in a house on the path and prepared a bath of lead to kill the god Art. Their stronghold was surrounded by a bronze fence staked with severed heads. Aeb carried a cup of poison, and Fínscoth a cup of wine. Art overcame them. Their brother is Aillil Black Teeth

(pron. SKUH-neev, Scau-nee-av) Goddess and princess of Munster. Her sister is Caoimhe: Cherished. They are the daughters of the Blue Hag. She wears a silk mantle of green and a diadem of yellow gold, She fell in love with the Mílesian warrior Cáilte and they were forced to part from one another until the time Caoilte was old and withered. She came to him out of the cave of Cruachan, and asked him for the bride-price he had promised her. He went to his cairn that was full of gold he earned working for Conan Maol and gave her gold for a marriage gift. She is the daughter of Dangerous Red and one of the Tuátha de Danann: People of the Water from Heaven. She is a nine-fold goddess. In the Agallamh na Seanorach: Colloquey of the Ancients with Saint Patrick. (183)

Sisters: Aíbell: Bee, Bláithnet: Flower Blossom , Bóann: Cow, Caoimhe: Cherished, Finnuala: Fair-Shouldered One, Meabal: Mead, Mell: Honey & Meng: Twig

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