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Queens: E

Eluned, Luned, Linette, Lynette (Moon) Alud, Eleena, Llena, Selina, Selene ab Theia (Light Gleam) Lleuaanais, Lionor, Lyonors, Lyonesse, Luaine (Moon Veiled One) Luciaine, Luciana, Luiseach, Lucia (Bringer of Light, Queen of Lights) Nostiluca (Night Light) §Juno Lucina, Lucetia, Lucretia (Mother of Light) Goleuddydd (Bright Day) Clutoida, Clotilda, Clûd (Light) Clotho ní Nyx, Clothra Nár, Clothru, Clodaua (Modesty, The Spinner) Náir, Nairne, Nairna (Lives at the Alder Tree River) Moires, Mires, Parcae, Matres Griselicae (Women) Comla (Being) Imogen, Innogen, Inogen (Navel) Gladez, Gladys Claudia (Delicate Flower) Chlaus Haistic (What Is Full of Points) Chluas Haistig (Flat Ear) Luath / Luaths Lurgann (Ashes Speedy Foot)
Mae eira gwyn
Ar ben y bryn,
A’r glasgoed yn y Ferdre,
Mae bedw mân
Ynghoed Cwm-brân,
A merched glân yn Myddfe.

There is white snow
On the mountain’s brow,
And greenwood at the Verdre,
Young birch so good
In the Raven Wood,
And lovely women in Myddfe.

Festival: Alban Elued   September 21st.
Direction: West Element: Water

Sisters: Argante, Dindraine, Enid, Guinevere / Olwen, Igraine, Kundry, Morgana, Raghnell : Belisama: Sacred Tree, Nuamaist, Eithne: Seed, Éli: Sun, Fedelm: Nine Times Beautiful, Fial & Mugain: Golden One

She lies in the shade of a canopy of white frost. From her dreams are the silhouettes of the Maidens of the Dawn. In Bohemia her lips are blue with cold she takes thieves under the earth where she stuffs them with straw and adds them to her collection of dolls. In Alsace she wears a crown of gold paper decorated with roses and candles. She carries a silver bell to awaken the little spirits of nature. She is called the Christmas Maiden. She wears clothes of ice carved by the Gnomes of the Peaks and leaves the forest draped in white; crowned with holly and light. She is a heroine of the rainbow who is imprisoned in an underground abyss by Berchta, Befana, or Cailleach Bheur. She is freed by the son of the jailor or Prince Charming who wakes her with a kiss and takes her to his castle of light. In Spring she wears a white lacy dress with a train of silver bells made by the Fayettes. Her feet touch the frost and the soil becomes green again. Snow White, Persephone, Cinderella, Talia de Basile, Zelandine, Blanche Épine, Red Riding Hood, Rondallayre, Cucendron, Cernushka, Pepeljuca, La Gatta Cenerentola, Ventafoches, Askepisker, Salie, Florisssante, Lalie, Sleeping Beauty, Queen of May. Ancestor: Rhodopis of Egypt [pron. ra-doh-pes] – La Encyclopédie des Fées

Agape the fay whose name means Holy Love. She had three sons at a birth, Priamond, Diamond, and Triamond. Being anxious to know the future lot of her sons, she went to the abyss of Demogorgon, to consult the Three Fatal Sisters. Clotho showed her the threads, which were thin as those spun by a spider. She begged the Fates to lengthen the life-threads, but they said this could not be; they consented, however, to this arrangement—

When ye shred with fatal knife
His line which is the shortest of the three,
Eftsoon his life may pass into the next;
And when the next shall likewise ended be,
That both their lives may likewise be annext
Unto the third, that his may be so trebly wext.
—Spenser: Faërie Queene, iv. 2 (1590).

Rejoice, thrice-blessed Gladys,/ daughter of King Brychan,/ wife of holy Gwynllyn and mother of Saint Cadoc./ We praise you, Gladys and Gwynllyn. – Troparion of St Gladys & St Gwynllyn tone 5

Place-Names: River Clyde: Scotland: She is seen as a banshee there, Clonmel/Clona: Ireland, Clodaua: Kladau, West Prussia. Claddagh: Galway. The claddagh ring has a crown for sovereignty placed on top of a heart for love, and encircling hands holding the heart for friendship. These rings are given as gifts from one person to another. A heart turned out means you are available and a heart turned in means you are taken – married or engaged.

(pron. el-EEN-ed, LEEN-ed, LOO-awn-ya, LOO-sea-ah-na, LOO-seh or LEE-sak, LUCY, GO-loo-theeth, KLOH-da, KLOOD-uh, KLOE-rah, KLADAU, GLAH-des, LOO-a) Corvidae: Grain Knowledge Triple Goddess of Gréoulx-les-Bains, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France. Fomorian giantesses of Fate & daughters of Merlin: Sea Pond / Red Domanchenn Conn: Reed Masses of Seawater [Others say Pandrasos of Greece] & Mab: Intoxicating One. 9-fold sow goddess of fertility, the seas, moon, fresh water, illusion, arcane & ancient wisdom, knowledge & learning found in the 9th book of the Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth. Queen of the mer-people who spend hours combing her luminous golden-flaxen curly hair spun of moonlight and dressing her in gold brocaded silk with speckled cordwain boots. She has eyes like pearls, pale lips the color of twilight, and sweet breath. She lives in an upper chamber of a palace made of earth, fire, and air where every nail is colored with precious color and every panel has a golden image on it. The castle has 3 rivers and the heart of the moon castle is a crystal tower. She has a bed clothed with scarlet silk, a silver table and all of her utensils are silver and gold. She carries an hourglass and has a Modrwy Eluned: magic ring that makes the wearer invisible and is 1 of the Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain. The Kingdom of the Sea under the Scilly Isles of Cornwall at Penzance that she rules is called Lyonesse. The 7 Stones reef off Land’s End mark the site of 1 of the vanished towns, the City of Lions. Carrick luz en cuz: The Ancient Rock in the Wood is the name for St Michael’s Mount Island. You can hear churchbells under the water when the weather is rough. Lyon, France is also known as Pays Lyonnais in French. She is a völva: snake-woman called light mothers who bear presents to newborn children and bring 1st light in the form of a candle to forsee their future. She was beheaded and a holy well sprang up at Llanddew: Sacred Enclosure of God: Slwch Tump, Wales where her head stopped rolling. It is a site of healing and miracles and it is said that those who go the spring in her honor and drink the water will be rewarded with a lock of her hair. Llanfilo plagued with thieves because they did not help her, and Llechfaen plagued with envy. Worship of the 39.

She was called to Balor’s court to fight against the Túatha Dé Danann: Water from Heaven gods in the (Da) Cath Maigh Tuiredh: Second Harvest (Battle) of the Plain of Frost. Ancestress of the Scottish Kings, The blonde-haired Clothra: Light drowned her sister Eithne: Seed while she was pregnant. Her son is Lugaid Riab nDerg: Raven of the Red Stripes. She is an aunt of Finn: White God, and married to the god Da Choca: Two Roosters.

 As Goleuddydd: Bright Day she is mother of the god Culhwch: Pig (pron. Kil hooch) with the god Cilydd. On her death she made Cilydd promise not to remarry until a briar bush with at least 2 heads sprang from her grave. This happens after 17 years. In Celtic mysticism the number 17 relates to the splitting of clans.

In Greek mythology she is 1 of the Moerae, 3 sisters who decide fate: Clotho, Lachesis & Atropus. Lachesis sings of the things that were, Clotho of those that are, and Atropus the things that will be. Atropus is said to be the eldest, the best and the shortest of the sisters. She cuts the threads of life with a pair of scissors. Clotho is the spinner, and Lachesis the apportioner of lots. They take away fever and offerings of almond bread, honey, spring water, silver coins, and fresh flowers gathered by a red thread are made. They wear long dresses and their hair is either coiled and held back by an Alice band and a veil or parted in the middle falling to ringlets on their shoulders.

Saint Lucy’s feast day is December 12th. In the early hours of the morning of December 13 in Sweden girls wear a white gown with a red sash or poppy belt and a crown of lingonberry twigs or evergreen with seven lit white candles. The Lussibruden: Lucy Bride carries a torch and baked goods to local farms and returns home at the dawn. She carries lussekattor: Lucy cats, saffron buns for the family in the morning. Her symbol is wheat, which she uses to avert a famine. Mother of the vittra people who live underground. In Greek her name is Selene: Light Gleam: Full Moon; Her male counterpart is Selini: Trinity Her kingdom is Lake Bata, Turkey. Her consort is Endymion and her symbol is a pomegranate. She wears a crown of green leaves & roses for spring. § Roman Form. Moonstone: Pierre de Lune: Sélénite

In Denmark She fell upon the ice, breaking a rib & was Ludwina: White Gleam: Patron Saint of Ice Skaters. 7th C. St. Gladez. March 29th, wife of Brute, mythical Trojan king of Britain. Three sons with him are: Albanact [Scotland], Locrin [England] & Kamber [Cambria: Wales] Albion is the son of Neptune in other stories who gets into a fight with Herculês over sea ownership. Mother of St. Kado.

As Chluas Haistig: What is Full of Points, She is a powerful witch who stole 2 of Queen Sciana Breaca: Trout’s childen when they were a year old and took them to her enchanted tower. Fionn Mac Cumhaill: White God and the sons of Bawr Sculloge: Grune Ceanavaltha: young bearded man, Bechunach: thief, Chluas Guillin: Guillin’s ears were called to Sciana Breaca: Trout island to watch over the 3rd child when it became sick at a year old. They reached the island with 2 magical hazel trees that had turned into a boat and mast. Chluas Haistig: What Is Full of Points put a druidic sleep on them and stole the third child from its own bedchamber. They reached her iron tower with the spaces between them filled by iron plates. A pale blue flame went out from it on every side, and it kept turning, turning, and never stood at rest. Cluas Guillin uttered a magic charm to put Chluas Haistic to sleep and to stop the tower from rotating. It was done according to his incantation, and Bechunah took his cord-ladder and threw it upwards until it caught on the pike of the steep circular roof. He climbed up.

Looking in through the opening, he beheld the dread woman lying on the floor weighed down with the magic sleep. the floor stained with the blood which was still flowing from her torn shoulder, and the three children crying, and striving to keep their feet out of it. – Beanriogain na Sciana Breaca

The children were snatched and as they got in the boat the spell faded. The tower rotated and Chluas Haistic was in pursuit in a black cape and boat. She was felled by an arrow from Fionn’s boat. (47, 58, 71, 73, 83, 87, 89, 92 102, 108, 120, 182, 186, 188, 210, 232, 256)

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