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Queens: E

Eithne, Aithne, Ethlenn, Ethniu, Ethnea, Enya (Fire, Grain, Seed, Sweet Nutmeat Princess) Bebhionn ní Elcmar, Be Bind, Bevin (Sweet, Melodious Woman) Segais, Echtach, Echtghe, Echtge, Aughty (Blessing) Dylis (Sincere, Certain) Dil (Honeycomb)

Sisters: Aine, Bláithnet, Caoimhe, Finnuala, Meabal, Mell , Meng, Scothniamh :
Clothra , Éli, Fial, Mugain, Medb, Olwen

 In some stories she is Bóand, Bo Vinda, Druchla Dilenn (Roof of the Ocean) goddess of Bruig na Bóinde: Milk River: (pron broo yen naw boy-nyeh) a.k.a Newgrange. Cows are called bovines after her. She psychically talked to the severed head of her dead husband Mes Gegra: Fruits of Trees. 9 magical hazeltrees grew from her grave at Uaig Búana. and dropped their nuts into the Well of Knowledge. Mother of the Uaithne: Harp containing Goltrade, Gentrade, Súantrade & The Young God. She has a bed of healing that she made ready for Caoilte with a pale gold bowl full of water and crystal vessel of herbs. She mixed them together and the poison left Caoilte after he took 5 drinks and drank new milk.

(pron AY-nee, ET-ne, AH-ne, BAY-vin, BOO-an) Beautiful underworld giantess of the Land of the Maidens who lived on the milk of a sacred cow from India, was guarded by a demon, and became princess of the Fomorian giants. She is the goddess of birth and has healing powers.

She was imprisoned in a crystal tower, the north star, called the Tór Mór on Tory Island by her father Balor. Cian: Clear Water came for his stolen cow, was disguised as a woman by the druidess Birog, and made it into the tower to have sex with Eithne. Eithne gave birth to 3 sons with Cian. 2 were drowned by her father, but the 3rd lived and was the god Lugh: Raven. After Cath Maigh Tuireadh: (Second) Harvest of the Plain of Frost she married Tadg: Poet, giving birth to Muirne: Sea and Tuiren: Spark of Fire, God Froech: Heather & the goddess Ancgharad: Fate

She travels surrounded by birds and married the King of the Isle of Man. He murdered her when she left him for beating her and the Fianna: White Ones of Ireland buried her at a spot called Ridge of the Dead Women. Before she died she gave her jewels to the Fianna.

Slieve Echtge: Seed Hill, Doire Eithne: Oak Seed, Kilmacrenen, County Donegal named after her. Later she was baptized by Saint Patrick, renamed Patricia, and died of grief.

She can take the form of a trout and lives at the bottom of the Well of the Sun. Her two cows provide milk Abhainn Da Loilgheach: River of the Two Milk Cows. (45, 47, 48, 58, 59:2, 60, 71, 76, 77, 108, 183)

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