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[Ailim: Silver Fir Ogham]Deidre ní Manannán, Derdriu, Deirdré, Dindraine (Sorrow) Darethra, Dearduil, Darth-uil, Darthool (Beautiful Eyed One) Darta, Dartae ní Eochaid Mac Coipre (Daughter of the Son of Soul Carrier) Dartaid (Genetive of Darta) White Daughter of Fedelmid (White Daughter of Nine Times Beautiful) Beauty of the World

O Naois, son of Uisnech, hear
What was shown in a dream to me.

There came three white doves out of the South,
Flying over the sea,
And drops of honey were in their mouth
From the hive of the honey-bee.

O Naois, son of Uisnech, hear
What was shown in a dream to me.

I saw three grey hawks out of the south
Come flying over the sea,
And the red red drops they bare in their mouth
They were dearer than life to me

Naois: It is nought but the fear of a woman’s heart,
And a dream of the night, Deidre

She shall be solitary and apart as the Crane of Innisbea, that has dwelt upon its isle since the world was made, and is seen of none. From the time that Darthool passed out of her first girlhood the king saw little of her, but twice in each year-at the Festival of the Sun in the time of the greening, and at the Festival of end Summer at the fall of the leaf; and this because of a warning that had been given him by Cathba: Grain. When the snow time has passed, and the first greening is over, and the wild rose runs like a flame throughout the land, then will I go to Darthool — Tri Thruaighe ma Scéalaigheachta: Three Sorrows of Story-Telling

(pron. DARE-dra, or DEER-dra, Darthool, Dart’-weel, Darthula) Beautiful goddess with: white skin, green eyes [or blue that turn purple], twisted golden hair, blood red lips that taste of honey, snow-white teeth, and cheeks the color of foxglove. She wears a white robe and saffron coat. Her stars are the group of 7 stars called An Grioglachan: Pleiades. When they shine, others are soon seen.

She was hidden in a mountain knoll by her father Colm: Dove / Malcolm the Harper and her mother Elva: Sun because it was predicted she would cause bloodshed & sever the Red Branch Knights from the lost kingdom of Uladh. She grew like the young white, sapling (sapling: a young tree, especially a young forest tree with a trunk from 1 to 4 inches in diameter), straight and tall. She was discovered at 16 by the King of Light and Sun sitting in front of her oak tree. He then went to tell the King of Ulster of her existence. King Connachar of Ulster went to her grassy knoll in the twilight of May, when the dew was heavy on each bush, flower, and stem, bringing her to the kingdom of Ulster on the topmost of the heroes shoulders to be married in a year and a day. Deidre, on a hillock behind the palace drinking in the sun’s heat, saw Sons of Uisnec: Water: Naoise, Allen & Arden. She fell in love with Naoise, calling out to him. The 2 brothers hastened their step as the dusk of the night was approaching, but Naoise was entranced by her bitter cry. She kissed him 3 times and the brothers once. She blushed a crimson blaze of fire, going as rapidly as the movement of the aspen by the streamside. She escaped with the Sons of Usnech: Water: to their Tower at Loch Ness.

King Angus Mudartach (pron. Moidart) of Scotland met them on the Isle of Lismore and invited her to his Rath of Dunchraig: Womb of Black Rock and promised her his wife and her maidens would give her white robes, golden torques and garments of fur. She refused because of her dream that he killed the sons. At the end of a year and a day Connachar set Ferchar Mac Ro: Son of the Oak to Loch Ness to invite the sons to the King’s wedding feast. Deidre begged not to go, having seen a horrible vision, but the party sailed away to Ireland on a coracle: boat on the sea.

The Sons of Usnech and Deidre are housed in the Place of Strangers until the wedding. King Concobhar’s army of 300 come to kill. Daring Drop, Hardy Holly, & Fiallen the Fair, the brown-haired sons of Ferchar Mac Ro: Son of the Oak slaughter the men and leave in the twilight of morning. The Sons & Deidre flee to Alba: Scotland. Conchubar’s druid Duanan Gacha places an impenetable wood before them which they pass. Duanan Gacha then places a grey sea before them, which they start to pass. The enraged Duanan Gacha freezes the sea into ice with edges that bite like the poison of adders & the sharpness of sword. The Water Sons die on the ice and Duanan Gacha dries up the flood from the plain. Deidre is forcibly brought back to the palace to be married.

She jumps out of the chariot and dashes her head against a rock, jumping into the grave of Naoise, Ardan & Allen and dying. King Connachar ordered her buried on the other side of the loch: lake. A fir shoot grows out of her grave and unites with a fir shoot from the Naoise’s grave in a knot above the loch. Her son with Naoise is Gaiar and their daughter Aíb-gréne: Radiance of the Sun. Dunyardil: Fortress of Deidre is named after her. (43, 60, 67, 160)

Sisters: Ariana: Silver, Eluned: Moon, Enid: Soul, Guinevere: White One, Igraine: Lady, Morgana: White Sea, Kundry: Dark One & Raghnell: Queen of the Wasteland

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