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Queens: O

[Or Ogham Character](1) Orddu (Black Gold) Orwen ferch Caradoc, Eurolwyn, Eurolwen (White Gold Daughter of Soul Carrier) Auron, Euron, Ura, Úr (Divine Gold)
(2) Orgoch ferch Clydno Eiddin (Golden Daughter of Raven) Aouregan, Auruguen, Aureguen, Oregon (Shining Gold)
(3) Órlaith (Golden Princess) Órla (Golden Lady) Ophira (Gold) Orlann (Dawn) Orguelleuse, Mor Mumhan (Sun of Munster) Mugain (Cluster of Nuts) Morgana (Great Sea Ones)

(pron. OR-doo, OR-wen, OO-ra, OR-gahk, ow-RAY-gahn, AYR-on, OR-la) Breton triple goddess of the dawn. Three sister goddesses that live in Le Morbihannais: the Marshes of Morva and take the form of hags dressed in blue robes with red hair. They guard a black cauldron of re-birth, the pearl-rimmed cauldron of Annwyn and have the power to turn into frogs. Orgoch is melancholy and wears a black cloak and conceals her face with the hood pulled up. Orwen wears a necklace of milky white stones. Orchil weaves at two looms in a cavern under the brown earth. With one hand she weaves life upward through the grass; with the other she weaves death downward through the mould; and the sound of the weaving is Eternity. The weft is Eternal Beauty. They were decapitated by Arthur. Their cave is described as being on the confines of Hell. Coill Orduillín: Forest of Golden leaves. Côte d’Or: Coast of Gold, France, Ourne, Ura Valley of the Himalayas.

 Orwen and her brother Meriadoc: Waterdrop were sent to the woods to be killed by King Griffith who had ascended the throne by killing their father King Caradoc: Soul Carrier. The executioners did not carry out their task and Meriadoc was raised by Ivor the Huntsman and his wife Morwen. Urien, King of Scots, abducted Orwen and married her. Griffith was defeated and the throne was handed to Urien. (6).

 Ortha is a prayer or spell. In the movie the Black Cauldron they turn Flam: Blaze into a frog and give Tarren: Thunder the black cauldron in exchange for his sword of lightening: Drynwyn. eòrna, òrna: barley. (7, 71, 89, 108, 136, 161, 200)

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