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Queens: A

[Saille: Willow]Argantê (Silver One) Argantlon, Argantlowen (Full Silver) Argel (Silver Swan) Arranz, Arc’hantael, Argantael (Silver) Arianrod ferch Don, Airgid Roth (Silver Wheel) Ariana, Arianwen, Aranwen, Eirianwen (Silver White) Arianeira (Silver Snow) Bidhgoe (Female of Illusion) Préssina (The Nine-Fold Goddess)
(pron. ahr-GAHNT-lohn, AHR-anz, ahr-XAHN-tel, ahr-GAHN-tel, ah-ree-AHN-rhod, ah-ree-AHN-wen, ah-RAHN-wen, AH-ree-uh-NAYR-uh, pen-ATH-un) Goddess of the moon called the Silver Wheel That Descends into the Sea The daughter of the Goddess Dôn: Black Abyss & Beli: Great Tree. Keeper of the endlessly circling Silver Wheel of the Stars: the Oar Wheel symbol of Time that carries dead warriors to Emania: the Moonland. Once a month there is a night moon ceremony with a serpentine procession dressed in black & white robes. At her stone circle she crowned King Kevin of Gaule and gave him her harp. She is tall and slender with long red-gold hair, white skin, sea-green eyes, wearing a diadem of pearls, sandals, purple cloak, and blue gown. She is the most powerful of the Plânt Dôn: Children of Don and has a throne of crystal. She mated with mer-men near her castle and was drowned. Willow is Her tree. In the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth she gives birth to 2 sons Dylan eil Ton: Sea One Son of the Wave & Llew Law Gyffes: Bright Raven of the Skillful Hand [when shooting wrens] as Math: Bear’s magic rod passes over her. Of this connection 2 sons were born at 1 birth – Dylan & Lieu, who are considered as representing the twin powers of darkness & light. Her siblings are: Gofannon, Amaethon, Gilfaethwy & Gwydion (fused together by Math after Goewin: Foam incident). Mother of Brân: Raven, Branwen: White Raven, Manawydden ap Lir: Son of the Sea, Nissyen: Peace & Efnissyen: Bird. Her hall is Tre’ Gaer Anrheg: Caer Arianrhod: Silver Castle [Aurora Borealis] a spiral castle with a revolving wheel emblem at the door where the souls of dead kings are sent. A stony patch in the sea that can be reached on foot when the ebb is at its lowest in spring and autumn near Celynnog Fawr, and Dinas Dintle, on the coast of Arfon, Wales. Coed Arian: Silver Wood stretches from the foreshore of the Mumbles to Kenfig Burrows, at Penrice Castle to Margam Abbey. The sacred Sun-king, born at mid-Winter returns at death, the Summer Solstice, to the Universal Mother, the White Moon Goddess who imprisons him in the extreme north, where the Sun never shines. The relation between Caer Sidi: Glass Castle and Caer Arianrhod seems to be that the burial place of the dead king was a barrow on an an island where his spirit lived under charge of oracular and orgiastic priestesses, but his soul went to the stars and awaited rebirth in another king. Welsh Triads: The Sister of Linda: Beautiful Snake and Ialysa: Snake Woman, Intoxicated One / Eluned: Moon, Enid: Life, Guinevere: White One, Igraine: Lady, Morgana: White Sea, Kundry: Dark Goddess, Dindraine: Sorrow & Raghnell: Queen of the Wastelands
Note: Arian: Archaic name of Iran [Khorassan, Persia] and Its Great Goddess, sometimes rendered Mariana. Ariadne Most Holy, High Fruitful Mother:Creatan Moon-goddess. (45, 47, 71, 73, 74, 77, 92, 161, 184)
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