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Kings: M

Mesorda Mac Da Thó (Fruit-Issue Divine Son of the Two Mutes) Mesroída, Mes Gegra, Ferdia Mac Damain (Diety of Two Gods) Fer Ferdiad (Man of the Diety)
(pron. moc' da ho', Fer-dee-a) God & King of Leinster. He is the son of deaf mutes & foster-brother of the giant Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound He has a magical hound and boar so large that forty oxen can cover it. These were coveted and sold to the Goddess Medb: Intoxicated One and her husband Ailill: Fire. The boar was cooked and a large fight happened over who was entitled the respect of having the hero’s portion. There was much bloodshed and the hound was decapitated. His wife is the goddess Boann: White Cow He lured the goddess Túage: Rainbow to Manannán Mac Lir : Son of the Sea and lulled her to sleep. She drowned, and he was executed. He fought against Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound and was killed again. In another story there are two avatars of the god: Mesorda is one brother Mes Gegra another. Mes Gegra’s hand is cut off after eating half of a magical hazelnut. His hostel in Co. Carlow, Leinster is one of the five chief hostels of Ireland. Each hostel has seven doors, seven roads through it, and seven fire places. Seven cauldrons are in the seven fire-places cooking ox and boar-meat. (58, 60, 102, 124)

Da Thó (Two Mutes) Dathi, Dathen, Damh (Ox) Damán, Davan, Davin (Little Stag) Dathal, Dahal (Swift, Nimble) Demmán, Deamán, Daimhín, Daimíne, Damion, Damian, Hydd, Hychdwn (Stag) Eiltíne, Ailtíne, Eiltín (Deer)
(pron. DAH ho, DAH-hee, DAMF, dav-AWN, DAH hawn, DEIN, DAW-hawl, da-MAWN, duv-EEN, HOOTH, hooch-doonm EL-teen) One of nine cup bearers of the high king Conaire of Tara who takes the form of a centaur. Hyddwn (from the Welsh hydd, Stag) appears in the fourth of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi and is one of the three sons of Gwydion and Gilfaethwy when they transformed to a breeding pair of deer, then wolves, and finally pigs. Hyddwn is the offspring of the deer pairing. Math: Bear took him and transformed him into a human being, baptising him Hyddwn: Stag-man. [Literal meaning: Math is a newer god superimposed], Bleiddwn: Wolf-man is the wolf pairing and Hwch/ Hychddwn Hir: Long Sow the pig pairing. Beinn Damh & Creag nan Damh, Scotland. (24, 58, 73, 75, 80, 97)

Trog, Turcbál (Raise) Uan (Foam White Lamb) / Glei ap Ysgawd, Glaodh, Gloew, Glé (Glimmering) Glewas, Gluvias, Glewyas (Clear, Bright) (pron. OOAN, GLOO-ahs, GLOO-yahs) One of nine cupbearers, nephew of Niall: Cloud & High king of Ireland at his death. A bolt of lightening killed him. Early saint, nephew of St. Petroc. His mother is Saint Gladys and he is described as ‘bringing the light of Christ to Cornwall’ with his brother Cadoc: Soul Carrier. Feastday May 2nd (58, 71, 73, 80, 97)

Sgilti Yscawndroed, Sglit Uchtryd Ardywad Kad, Uchdryd Varyf Draws (Lightfoot High, Cross Beard) Caddoc ap Gundleus, Caddog ap Bricriu, Cado, Cador, Cadwr, Cadorius, Carodog Freichfras ap Brân (Soul Carrier Strong-Arm son of Raven) Carantoc, Craddock, Cradoc, Cradawc ap Mitrides (Beloved) Carasek, Keresyk, Kerezik (Amiable) Cattwg (Grain) Cadfan, Cadan, Cadfael, Caedmon úa Taliesin, Cadmus ap Agenor (Wild Goose, Barnacle Goose) (pron. KAHD-ok, KAHD-an, KAHD-vil, KINE, ka-RAN-tahk, ka-RAZ-ek, ke-REZ-ik) King of Dumnonia with a long untrimmed red beard that spreads through eighty four rafters of King Arthur’s hall. He has such a light step that blades of grass do not break under his feet and he travels through the tree-tops. Hermit of the divine mysteries and son of Cristant / Gladys Guardian of the Holy Grail. St. Caddoc was carried on a cloud to Italy. Llancarfan: Church of the Stags named after him. Cattwg has three cells [halls] and a thousand saints [monks], together with two cells in the Vale of Neath. In La Princess Blondinehe rescued Guinevere from his brother Méliau with his brother Yvon. Nut brown haired with sun gold highlights, white teeth, sky blue eyes, and great beauty. He lives in the Dolorous Tower in the Impenetrable Forest and rides a chestnut horse. He is the consort of the goddess Ysaive who owns the mantle of Britain. His feast day is May 16th. Turquine is his brother. For twelve years, he kept a bronze bowl hanging from a lone tree by the river crossing and passing knights would use it as a bell to summon him into combat with them. He imprisoned Ector who was rescued by Lancelot. Cano gave the goddess Cred a stone which contained his life at Guaire’s feast. She dropped the stone and it shattered. Cano died three days later. Cadbury Hillfort, Somerset excavations uncovered a sub-Roman (5th/6th century) gateway and feasting hall. Feast days: Sept 25th, Nov 1st, Jan 31st. In Greek legends he is the son of the King of Phoenicia who sows the teeth of the cosmic snake Ophion that turn into men. His sister is Europa. Dumnonii capital: Keresk: Caer Uisc: Exeter: Isca Dumnonioram. [We use in french Domnonée mainly to speak about the Breton kingdom, and sometimes Domnonie or Dumnonie for the insular one: Domnonia / Dumnonia / Dyfneint / Devon]. (73, 75, 89, 171)

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