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Queens: C

Caoimhe, Caoímhnéll, Caoimheall, Caímille, Caevo’g, Caomhóg, Caoimhseach, Keeva, Kieva, Caiva (Beloved, Cherished) Coimh (Trinity) Ceifa ferch Gwyn Gohoyw, Keiva, Kicva, Cigfa (Cup, Seed Vessel) Cuiv, Cuivre (Copper) Cliodna Céibhfhionn ní Gebann Meic Treon (Shapely One of the Fair Locks) Cleena, Clíona Cébha ní Manannán (Shapely One of the Fair Skin) Saule, Saille, Saileach, Helygenn (Willow)[Cliodna’s Wave: Cork, Ireland]
Above: Cliodna’s Wave: Bantry Bay Ireland

Her feast day is November 13th: Martinmass. Royal line of Casnar Wledig [Macsen Wledig: Emperor Magnus Maximus: 383-388 AD]. Saille Saileach Helgen White Willow or Sally Tree - The growth of lunar power and water: harmonizing, protection against disease. It’s power is greatest at night unless the Moon is visible during the day. Wicker and willow crosses are made from it.

Eber Finn: White Yew took the southern half of Ireland from the Boyne to the Wave of Cleena, while Eremon occupied the North.

Sisters: Aeb: Soul & Aífe: Radiant, Fedelm: Nine Times Beautiful, Ellén: Sun, Fínscoth: White Blossom & Étain: Emerald Goddess

(pron. KEE-vee, KWEE-va, KEEV-yul, KEEV oag, KEEV shoch, KLEE-nah KEEV-un, KLEE-nah KEEVUH, SEW-L, SALLY) Goddess of Beauty. Bird Goddess of the afterlife who can take the form of a sea-wave or wren. The White Shee, or fairy queen of South Munster, is said to reside within her invisible palace at Carrig Cleena, near Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland. She rules as queen over the sheoques: fairy women of the hills of South Munster, or Desmond. Tonn Chliodna: Wave of Cleena is applied to the loud roaring surges in the harbour of Glandore, in a southern part of this same county. She has fair hair crowned with the Ferroniere of Allurement and is escorted by 3 birds, 1 blue with a crimson head, 1 crimson with a green head, and 1 speckled with a gold head, which eat from magic apples and heal the sick with their sweet songs. Their apple tree has silver white blossoms and golden apples.

 She lives in Tír Tairngaire: the Land of Promise at Manannan’s city and has a white marble palace; with floors of silver, doors of gold, and crystal-gemmed walls. It’s portal is at Loch Dearg: Lake of the Red Eye, County Donegal, Northern Ireland Adventures of Tadg She gives him her emerald cup that will turn water into wine that is guarded from humans. She and her 2 sisters Aífe: Radiant and Etain: Emerald Goddess with 150 young women went to Ireland with Ciabhan and the kings of India and Greece. She was lulled to sleep by the music of the Son of the Sea who sent a great wave to take her back. Where she drowned is Tonn Cliodna: Wave of Cliodna at Ross Carbery Bay. Cliodna is the Banshee: of the O’Keeffe clan and is worshipped at Carraig Cliodhna, Cork.

 One of the Cailleach Càlltuinn: Hags of Hazel with her sisters: Ernine-Molly: Smooth Beaten Iron/Dust, Colm: Hazel Dove & Cuillen: Holly-Holm Oak. Their symbols are 3 thistles

  She is the goddess of the copper ore mines below the surface of the earth. ‘The copper lodes are dug out and smelted with fire, so as to free it from the dross mixed with it, and then it becomes a valuable metal’. Copper mixed with tin makes bronze. The Harp of Glandore plays enchanting music that stops all conflict.

  In Jack & the Beanstalk: Jacques et les Haricots Verts: Jack & the Green Beans she is a magic singing harp stolen by the giant: a golden-haired woman fused to a golden harp. Jack retrieves her as a harp and a goose that lays golden eggs from the cloud-land to return the his world to prosperity. Animated in Disney’s Fun & Fancy Free Cliodhna sings in 3 languages on the USA DVD: English, French, Spanish.

 In the Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth she is sitting at the green place, thunder strikes, a wall of mist comes. She, Rhiannon, Manawyddan [Caoimhín] & her husband Pryderi: Maker of Gold Shoes, survive on boar meat and mountain honey sucked from the heather. Frank McCourt claims Cormac Laidir MacCarthy, builder of Blarney Castle, was given the gift of eloquence when Clíodhna told him to kiss the Blarney Stone. (45, 111, 183)

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