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Queens: E

Essyllt, Esyld, Isolde ferch Howel, Ysolde, Iseut La Beale (Beautiful One, She Who is Gazed At) Eyslk (Fair) Escrach, Eascrach (Blooming, Blossoming) Esclarimonde, Esscorducarla, Blonde Esmerée, Esmerelda (Emerald Goddess) Estrildis, Estiu (Lady of Vallone) Belide Eis Enchenn, Ess Euchen, Ess Enchen, Esa ní Etain ní Ailill, Eisten (Waterfall) Étaín ní Dían Cécht, Édaín, Aidín, Ethaun (Swift One) Neued ferch Kyfwich, Newlyna, Nuala, Nualaidh, Ní Druchla Dilenn (Daughter of the Ocean’s Horses) Aigeann, Eigin (Ocean, The Deep) Sirona Grannus, Syrene, Seraine (Ben-Varry) Morganezed, Mulrruhgach, Murúch, Maighdean Mhara (Sea Woman) Dahut, Dahud Ahès, Macraille d’Aïve, Ahez (Guardian of the Waters, Key-Bearer) Adsagsona (The Weaver of Spells, She Who Seeks Out)

Seranne’s inscription, TIGONTIAS.SO.ADSAGSONA.SEUE, is at La sépulture du Larzac. Larzac Sépulture: burial place. The inscription, from the 1st century BC, has 60 lines and is written in gaulish cursive. It is at le Plomb du Larzac / Hospitalet-du-Larzac, Seranne-Larzac, a limestone cave in Aquitaine-Aquitània, Southern France. [le plomb means lead or fuse in French]

Ce document nous fait pénétrer dans un univers de femmes se livrant à des opérations de magie et de contre-magie, et nous fournit, sur les corporations de sorcières dans le vieux monde celtique, des lumières inattendues. Inattendu aussi, le degré d’évolution de la langue gauloise à cette date, tel qu’il ressort de ce précieux témoignage. – Michel Lejeune: Le plomb magique du Larzac et les sorcières gauloises

With this document we penetrate into a universe of women that deliver the operations of magic and counter magic, and we are furnished, in the corporations of sorceressess in the old celtic world, unexpected enlightenment. Unexpected also, the degree of evolution of the gaulish language at that date, such its spirit of this precious witness. – Michel Lejeune: The Magic Fuse of Larzac & The Gaulish Sorceresses

Note: The word Aix in French means river. It is pronounced X and handily corresponds to the ogham X at the top of the page. The ogham character is ifinn: sea.

Sisters: Aeb: Life & Aífe: Radiant, Fedelm: Nine Times Beautiful, Cliodna: Cherished, Ellén: Sun & Fínscoth: White Flower

Etain, speak!
What is the song the harper sings, what tongue
Is this he speaks? for in no Gaelic lands
Is speech like this upon the lips of men.
No word of all these honey-dripping words
Is known to me. Beware, beware the words
Brewed in the moonshine under ancient oaks
White with pale banners of the mistletoe
Twined round them in their slow and stately death.
It is the feast of Saveen (Samhain)

–-William Sharp ‘Fiona MacLeod’ The Immortal Hour

She also takes the form of: Bó Find, Bó Ruadh, Bó Dhu (White Cow, Red Cow, Black Cow), divinities of fertility. The giant Cú Chúlainn killed her 3 sons: Cire, Bire and Blaicne

(pron. ES-ilht, EE-sold, Ee-sold-a, ES-crach, ES-ten, AY-deen, noo-LEE-nah, MAY-den MAH-raw) Triple goddess of the dawn, water, fertility, horses, fragrance, beauty, medicine, music, earth & the transmigration of souls. She is Queen of the mermaids, daughter of king Gralon [Graal] of Kêr-Is: Citadel of the Below by the Rivière Isère in modern Keraës: Carhaix, France. Beautiful with long golden hair, snow white lily skin, blue-black eyebrows, hyacinth blue eyes, pearly teeth, rowan-berry lips, rosy dimpled cheeks & slim foam-white feet. She has slender blanchemains: white hands with long slender fingers; pink even nails. She was baptized in the Donau: Abyss of the Sea by Gralon and Guenolé. She turns into a white doe [A symbol for the quest of eternal wisdom of the apple tree of knowledge], a horse noone can outrun or a snake [turned into one by Mabon: Honey & Evrain, rescued by Guinglan with a kiss with the help of her hand maiden Helie: The Sun]. Her magician Rogear: Rousillon-Rosselhon: Red Alder on a black horse with a colt 13 months old trotting behind, guards the basin of gold that furnishes the best food that you can dream of, cures all illness, and brings the dead back to life if it touches their mouths. He also guards her lance of diamonds that will cut through any stone or metal behind a silver door. Kêr-Is sunk under the water when she took her father’s golden key [1 story says silver] from the 50-doored castle, and the Black Prince snatched it from around her neck and unleased the raz: spirit of the tides. She was rescued from the castle dungeon by Peronnik. Poul-Dahut in Trestel. The city of Ys opens it gates to certain travelers and legend says if anyone buys their wares at the market the city will be restored to the earth. The harbor is full of sea dragons. Isolde and Tristan are buried at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall by Mark. A vine grew from Tristan’s grave and a rose-tree from Isolde’s and the branches intertwined. (2:2, 6, 43, 49, 58, 72, 76, 77, 101, 184, 197, 237, 256)

In Ireland the god Midir: Wren of the underworld keeps her in a glass grianon: sun house sustained on flowers for part of the year. There she uses a silver-gold comb to arrange her hair into 2 braids strung with golden balls and plaited into 4 strands. She wears a hooded green silk tunic embroidered with gold, silver-fringed purple mantle & gold brooch. She washes in the underworld Brí Léith’s (pron. bree LAY) silver basin rimmed with carbuncles with 4 golden birds. At the end of the year she and Midir fly away in the form of 2 swans, linked by a chain of gold. She lives at the sacred hill of Eochaid Airem Mac Finn:Trout Fire the rest of the year. In the Underworld Midir’s first wife Fuamach: Sonorousness turned her into the shape of a butterfly for 7 years to feed on flowers, she was blown to the Sun god Óengus’ house. When she returned after 7 years to her sleeping chamber, Fuamach changed her into a crimson dragonfly with a wand of rowan berries and had the winds blow her away. Étain fell through the roof of house near the Bay of Cichmany and was reborn from an old woman who swallowed a fly in a golden cup of milk as Etaín Echraidha: Blossoming One. It was 1,012 years between the 1st begetting of Etain by Ailill to the time when she was born the 2nd time as the daughter of Etar. When Midir: Wren brought her again to the Underworld, Fuamach changed her into a purple dragonfly and blew her away. She returned to the Underworld where Fuamach changed her into a golden dragonfly. She was reborn from a woman who swallowed a golden fly as Édaín Mes Búachalla: Cowherd’s Fosterchild who went with 100 of every sort of cattle and lived with Midir for 7 years. In crone form she is a hag at Scáthach’s Bridge of Leaps at who was decaptiated by Cú Chullain: Hazel Hound.

In Wales: Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth, She drank a love potion made by the goddess Branwen: White Raven and fell in love with the god Tristam: Melt at Joyous Guard Castle. She enchanted Brían and was imprisoned by Myrddin: Sea Fortress. When she heard Tristram was dead, she flung herself on the body, and died also. The two were buried in one grave, on which a rose and vine were planted, which grew up and so intermingled their branches that no man could separate them – Malory: History of Prince Arthur, ii. (1470)

She has a magic fountain at Brocéliande, Brittany Later drowned in the Severn river with her daughter Sabrina: Sweet Goodness: Fate Egg of Gaule by her mother Guinevere-Jenny: White. The name of the common wren is called the Jenny Wren. (8, 45, 47, 60, 58, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 80, 89, 92, 93, 183, 210, 236, 252)

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