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Faery Places

Magh Find, Gwynfa, Gwynfyd (White Plain) Magh Findargat (Plain of White Silver) Roche Sabins, Sídh Fionachaidh (Roche de Champguin: Rock of the White Field) Château Merveilluse (Castle Marvelous)

A delight of the eyes, a glorious range,
Is the plain on which the hosts hold games:
Coracle contends against chariot
In southern Mag Findargat.

Feet of white bronze under it
Glittering through beautiful ages.
Lovely land throughout the world’s age,
On which the many blossoms drop.

An ancient tree there is with blossoms,
On which birds call to the Hours.
It is in harmony it is their want
To call together every Hour (160)

(pron. MOY FYUHN-ahr-GAHT, ROWSH sah-BEE-n) Described as a distant island surrounded by glistening sea-horses and foam-white swells of the surging tides. Silver branch of an apple tree with white blossoms. The whiteness of the silver is the same as the whiteness of the blossoms. Ruled by Melwas who wears a red crown with three raised leaf clusters and red robe. Lancelot: White Foundling entered the world through the Bridge of Swords & Gawain spend the night at Castle Marvelous-Castle of Wonders by the seashore. Inside is the perron: sacred fountain. Its portal is Caerlaverock, Tintagel. It it is insulated by another water, the river with the dangerous crossing, the Gué Perilleux: Perilous Ford, or the river Nith with quicksands. Gawain unsuccessfully crosses the Pont Evage: Water Bridge or Pont Perdu: Lost Bridge. The second crossing is the Pont Espee: Bridge of Swords. Gué du Sang: Blood Ford. The Perilous Forest has a boiling fountain guarded by two griffons; one tawny and one brown. Lancelot descends into a crypt with 34 tombs at nearby Perilous Hall. The tomb of Joseph of Arimathea is surrounded by flames as high as a lance. A voice from the underground tells him that he is not destined to end the Perilous Times. Lancelot replies: Quel deuil et quel dommage. What grief and what a shame: He has not been pure? No. Only the destined one will by his presence alone extinguish the flames. Beyond the Perilous Ford is a second castle with a sapphire tower where Quinevere is held dressed in pale rose. [Worlds List] (133, 150, 232)

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