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Queens: B

Bláithnet, Blathnát, Blanid (Flower Blossom) Bleuzenn (Flower) Blodewedd (Flower Bride) Blanceflor, Blanchefleur (White Flower) Wlodwin, Blodwin (Ninefold Goddess of the Western Isles of Paradise) Deianeira, Blenzibly, Blaí (Flower Woman of the Dawn) Blasine (Most Beautiful and Fair) Fleur-de-lis (Iris) Fflur (Flower)
(pron. BLAW nihd, BLOO-zen, Blod-oo-eeth, BLOD-eh-weth or blod-AY-weth) Virgin goddess of Spring made of the 9 flowerbuds: primrose, meadowsweet, broom, bean, cockle, nettle, oakthorn, chestnut and hawthorn by the Welsh God Math: Bear for his niece’s son Llew Law Gyffes: Raven [Literal meaning: Math is a newer god superimposed] She has sky-blue eyes, silvery white pale hair, white skin, long white fingers, and wears a spring green silk robe and a hooded cloak of gold. Her symbol is an owl, a symbol of the moon and night. Seasonal cycle: She falls in love with Goronwy, betrays Llew Law Gyffes: Bright One of Skillful Hand and is transformed into an owl by Gwydion: The White God. She lives in a castle on the Isle of Man with a revolving wheel emblem at the door. She was abducted by Cú Roí: Red Hound, after her people of the Falga Islands: Isle of Man were massacred. She extracts from him that his soul is hidden in an apple in the stomach of a salmon which appears once every 7 years in a spring on the side of Slieve Mis. This apple can be only be cut with his own sword. Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound waits for 7 years and obtains the apple. He comes with an army of warriors to Cú Roí: Red Hound’s fortress in Munster to save her. The Druid Fer Cherdne: The Friendly Man grabbed her and jumped over a cliff, drowning them in the sea below. Flor & Blancheflor is a 14th century minnesong by Conrad Fleck. Flor, the son of Feinix, a pagan king, is brought up with Blancheflor. Feinix sells Blancheflor: White Flower to some Eastern merchants and Flor: Flower goes in quest of her. He finds her in Babylon, in the palace of the sultan, who is a sorcerer. He gains access to the palace, hidden in a basket of roses; but the sultan discovers him, and is about to cast both into the flames, when, touched with human gentleness and love, he sets them free. They return to Spain, find Feinix dead, and marry. St. Bleuzenn’s feast day is Nov. 24. (36, 45, 47, 58, 60, 71, 74, 89, 92, 189)
Nine powers in me combined, Nine buds of plant and tree./ Long and white are my fingers, As the ninth wave of the sea.

Sisters: Aibhell: Bee, Bóann: White Cow, Caoimhe: Cherished One, Finnuala: Fair Shoulder, Scothniamh: Lusterous Blossom, Meabal, Mell: Honey & Meng: Twig

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