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Queens: D

Aíb-gréne, Evegrena (Radiance of the Sun) Aamor (Sunbeam) Graciosa, Gracieuse (Grace)
(pron. eev-GRAY-na, EEV-nit) Goddess and daughter of Deidre who dines on sugarplums and jam. She has long fair golden blonde hair that floats around her like a mantle, blue eyes, a crown of roses and jasmine with emerald leaves and a dress of pale green and gold brocade. She has many dresses of satin and velvet. Her other sister is Melicoma: Honey Her consort is Percinet who is dressed in green and lives in a palace of clear rock-crystal near a forest. (43, 60, 67)

Dér Gréine, Dia Griene ní Fiachna (Tear of the Sun Daughter of Raven Knowledge) Ném, Néamh, Niamh (Radiant Beauty)
(pron. dor-GRAWN-yeh, NEEV or nee-ahv) Daughter of the sea and the sun. Niamh is faery queen of Tir na’nOg :The Country Under Wave. She has long glossy golden ringleted hair, clear harebell blue eyes, small white hands, a white bosom and ruddy cheeks. She wears a slender golden diadem, brown robe of silk with red-gold stars fastened with a golden brooch and green mantle with stars of gold. When she comes for Oisín she is on a white horse with purple and gold saddle and golden horseshoes and meets him at Lóch Léin. Dér Gréine was held captive in the Land of Big Women and was rescued by a hag disguised as a fox and the helpful Brian. She married Laoghaire Mac Crimthann of Connaught. (11, 45, 58, 64)

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