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Queens: F

Finncháem, Fionnchaomh, Finchoem, Findbec, Felicia (Fair, Beautiful)
(pron. FUN-kev) Goddess who has 6 sisters. She swallowed a worm from a magic well, and conceived the god Conall: Reed. She also took care of Cu Chullain: Hazel Hound who was born from a fly swallowed by her sister Dechtiré: Tenth. Her mother Ness was to be decapitated for not bearing a son, but escaped a tower by rope-ladder, gave her baby to a woodsman and died. The kings guards came to kill Felicia, but were turned into cabbages by Felicia’s aunt. Felicia inherited a silver ring and a pot of pinks at the woodsman’s death. (note: pinks also known as dianthas: carnations, sweet william. japanese: nadeshiko.) She went to the fountain by moonlight to fetch water for the pinks and dined on gold and crystal dishes with 6 enchanting dieties and the Queen of the Woods. The queen turned her pitcher into gold and scented the water with roses. The Queen accepted Felicia’s silver ring and departed in her emerald and coral chariot drawn by 6 white horses. Felica watered her pinks with the pitcher and they turned into the Queen’s handsome son wearing a green velvet coat fastened with emerald clasps, and a crown of pinks on his head. She was then told that the Queen of the Woods was her aunt, and the queen turned her cotton dress into a robe of silver brocade embroidered with carbuncles. Her soft dark hair was encircled by a crown of diamonds, from which floated a clear white veil. With her bright eyes, and the charming color in her cheeks, she was altogether such a dazzling sight that the Prince could hardly bear it. As a saint her feast day is January 29th: (72, 94)

Truly thou art blessed, O holy Felicitas, / for thou didst never doubt the mercy of Christ our God, / and in spite of all temptations, with thy seven sons thou didst rejoice / to return to Him rather than to languish in dishonour on earth. / Wherefore pray for us that we may follow thy example for the salvation of our souls. – Troparion of St Felicitas and her seven martyred sons tone 1

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