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Thirteen Treasures of the Isle of Britain

I saw a great wonder to-day while out hunting. - a swan with thirteen cygnets, and she driving away the thirteenth continually, and keeping the twelve with her. Tell me the cause and reason of this. ...All creatures on earth, whether beast or human, which have thirteen young, should put the thirteenth away, and let it wander for itself through the world and find its fate, so that the will of Heaven may work upon it, and not come down on the others. Now you have thirteen sons, and you must give the thirteenth to the Diachbha: Divinity or Fate– The Thirteenth Son of the King of Erin

  1. Llen Arthur yng Nghernyw (Veil of Arthur in Cornwall)
    The blue mantle where the wearer becomes invisible.
  2. Dyrnwen, Dysgyl, Diwrnach a gren Rhydderch (Rhydderch Hael’s Sword, Platter & Cup)
    The sword will burst into flame if drawn by anyone other than Rhydderch Hael. The platter, on it will appear any meat desired. The bowl is golden.
  3. Corn Brangaled (Brangaled’s Horn)
    Provides any liquor desired.
  4. Cadair Morgan Mwynfawr (Morgan Mwynfawr’s Chariot)
    Carries a person wherever they want to go.
  5. Mwys Gwyddno (Gwyddno’s Hamper)
    Food for One Hundred People
  6. Hogalen Tudno (Tudno’s Whetstone)
    Only sharpens a brave man’s blade.
  7. Pais Badarn Beisrydd (Padarn’s Cloak)
    The wearer becomes invisible.
  8. Pair Drynog (Cauldron of Drynog)
    Only the meat of a brave man will boil in it.
  9. Tawlbwrdd Gwenddoleu (Draughtboard)
    The gold and silver pieces play themselves.
  10. Cebystr Clydno Eiddin (Clydno’s Halter)
    Whatever horse is wished for will appear
  11. Mantell (Robe)
    Will keep the wearer warm and reaches the ground only when worn by a chaste woman.
  12. Modrwy Eluned (Ring of Eluned)
    The bearer will become invisible
  13. Cyllell Llawfrodedd Farchog
    The Druids’ knife that serves twenty-four men eating at a table. The sword Excalibur is also called Calidfwlch, Caladbolg, Caliburn

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