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Queens: B

Baco (Boar) Báeth, Baíth, Baoth (Vain, Foolish) Báetán, Baítán, Baodán, Boetanus, Baeddan, Báetán, Baítán, Baodán (Boar)
(pron. BAY, BAY-dawn, BAY-hawn) God-Queen of Protection and Travelers from the city of Parnus (Estonia). She takes the form of a beautiful, ageless woman with white hair, marble complexion, violet eyes and white robes or an old crone, clad in brown robes, carrying a walking stick. She can take the form of an albatross or dolphin. Baeth set out in three ships and lost two of the vessels to whirlpool and kraken, but rescued all the crew and set them ashore on Aeros, where they became the forefathers of the City of Parnus. Known from an inscription at Chalon-sur-Marne. Venerated by the Mandubii and Limoges tribes. Sons: King Baodan of Uladh (b.533) and Luso. Bacodurum, Padua Bathavinus: Batavia. (75, 77, 80, 124, 182, 188)
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