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Queens: A

Albanais, Albenche, Albens, Albion, Albiorica, Albina, Albuferetan, Albanne, Albonne, Albonnette, Arbagny, Arbanet, Arbogne, Arbonne, Aubonne (White Moon) Báine (White, Pallor) Bainne nic Frigriu Mac Rubai Ruaid / Tuathal Techtmar (Milk of the People’s Red House)
(pron. BAW-ne) albus: white. Scythian [Armenia & North of the Black Sea] white goddess of fertility and the eldest daughter of the goddess Danu in some stories. She appears at dawn and is associated with the Aurora. Her sacred mountain is Alba’s Summit. Lucan’s Pharsalia describes how the Romans go to her golden temple in Scythia and Crassus ‘met with disaster on the Parthian Plains.’ [The Parthians killed him in 53 BC] Nero, enraged, sends an envoy with Pompeius who proceeds to plunder all of the gold in the temple bringing it to Rome while simultaneously destroying the sacred oak groves. The Arimaspian Scythians in golden fillets are massacred. She is the Lady of the Copper Mountain [Ural] a beautiful young woman with green eyes, long black braid, and golden crown who can turn into a lizard. She lives in a palace in an enchanted forest of leaves, grass and flowers made of precious stones. In the Leabhar na Eirinn Alba & Albor are two Parthalónian: Shape of a Woman women who sail with the goddess Cessair to Ireland. Lucan: And you, ye Parthians, if when I sought the Caspian gates, and on th’ Alaunian tribes. ...I suffered you In Persian tracts to wander, nor compelled To seek for shelter Babylonian walls; If beyond Cyrus’ kingdom and the bounds of wide Chaldaea, where from Nysa’s top pours down Hydaspes, and the Ganges flood Foams to the ocean, nearer far I stood Than Persia’s bounds to Phoebus’ rising fires. Her shrine is at Vaucluse-Vauclusa, Southern France: Saint-Saturnin-d’Apt. Albuferetan, Spain, Inbeur n-Ailbine: White Moon River Mouth: Ireland. Alban is the ancient name for Britain, Albenche River/Albinnium Switzerland named after the Celtic tribe of the Albii. Others believe the Albaron were a pre-Indo-European race of people. bainne milk, Irish, Middle Irish bainne; also boinne, milk (Sutherland), Old Irish banne, drop. Alban Arthuan: Mid Winter, Alban Elued: Mid Fall, Alban Heruin: Midsummer Eve, Alban Eiler: White Spring (75, 77, 80, 145, 146, 147, 148)
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