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[Fearn Ogham Character]Bendigeidfran ap Llyr (Blessed Crow, Blessed Raven Divine Son of the Sea) Brân Fendigaid, Brán le Benoît (Blessed Raven) Bran Óg, Brannock (Young Raven) Dwynn, Dwnn (Dark) Brandubh (Black Raven) Branwalather (Raven Leader) Brons, Hebron (The Fisher King) Labraid Luathlam ar Cledeb (Speaker With Swift Hand on the Sword) Collbran (Great Raven) Ellerkonge, Erlkönig (Alder King)

Righteous tutor of the children of Brychan, The Great Wonderworker. O wise Father Brannock, thou didst win many souls for Christ by thy tireless endeavours. In Devon’s Braunton Church are your concealed precious relics. Pray that we, being ever mindful of our Orthodox heritage,may never deviate from the true faith, thereby, receive the, reward of the blest. – Troparion of St Brannock of Braunton tone 1.

(pron. BRAWN, DOON, BRAWN-doov, bran-wa-LATH-uhr, LOW-ree, KOHL BRAWN) He is a diety of the Laigin: Raven people. Crows and ravens are part of the same family. God of love and son of the Welsh sea god Llyr: Sea. Ruler of Magh Mell: The Plain of Honey. He is a giant that is so huge that no house can hold him. His court at the Rock of Harlech overlooks the sea in Ardudwy, Wales. He is visited by 13 ships from Ireland and he gives Matholwch: Bear, the King of Ireland, his sister Branwen: White Raven’s hand in marriage at Aberfraw. When his sister Branwen was beaten by her husband and he received a letter about it from her starling who flew from Ireland to Caer Seiont in Arvon, he fought for her honor and was killed by a poison arrow. His head was cut off by his army & the severed head was kept alive for eighty years while the seven: Manawydan, Pryderi, Taliesin, Gluneau Eil Taran, Heilyn ap Gwynn Hên, Ynawc, Grudyen ap Muryel feasted in blissful forgetfulness on Ynys Gwales: Grassholm Island off Dyfed. They carried his head to London, and buried it on Gwynfryn: White Hill. His head talked all the way there. Legend has it that as long as it remains buried London is free of the plague. William the Conqueror dug it up to build the Tower of London and plagues have happened ever since . The imagery of the talking head; the home of the soul. Bran’s cauldron of regeneration revives the dead, and he is the guardian of the Holy Grail. His horn, Corn Brangaled: Bran’s Horn is one of the thirteen treasures of the Isle of Britain, will dispense whatever drink is wanted. Amaethon: Laborer who takes the form of the Rising Sun beyond the ninth wave of the sea stole his Secrets of the Letters and told them to the unworthy. These unworthy ones invaded Albion: England, Alban: Scotland and Cymry: Wales in ships at Midsummer Night and He saw a future of slavery, earth exploitation, and tree death at the great stone temple of the Druids on Salisbury Plain: Stonehenge. He was stricken to the heart, fell dead and was taken back to deepest Annwn: The Land of the Dead, to be restored for eventual rebirth at The End of Time. His symbol is the White Dragon. The next year after his death at May Day he rose as a White Dragon out of the White Bull’s cauldron and flew to Yr Wyddfra: Mount Snowdown in Wales. He also lives at Caer Emrys: Palace of the Nine located at Fortingall, Scotland with the Red Dragon. He is one of the Golden Race His sacred tree is the Alder and his sacred bird is The Wren. His grandson is Perceval. He is the consort of the goddess Lí Ban: Beauty of Women His siblings are: Branwen: White Raven, Nissyen: Peace, Efnissyen: Bird, Manawydden: Son of the Sea & Belin: Life of Everything Names: Branach, Byrne

As Brandubh: Black Raven he is a tall, brown-haired youth. King of Leinster in AD 604 and killed by Saran. He was raised from the dead by a miracle and became a saint of Cornwall. His feast day is January 7th. Dinas Bran is at Langollen, Wales. (3, 52, 58, 73, 89, 131, 183, 189, 245)

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