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Queens: B

Branwen (White Crow) Brangwaine (Shining Crow) Garan (Raven, Crow) Bronwen (The White-Bosomed One) Dwynwen (Pleasant and Holy) Theneva, Thenova, Theneu, Thenu, Thenaw, Thaney, Thenog, Denw, Damara, Damhnait (Little Doe) Dymphna (Alluring)
(pron BRAN-wen, BRAN-oo-wen, DWIN-wen, DOW-net or DEV-nat, DIMF na) Goddess of love and beauty who is 1 of the 3 matriarchs of Britain. She has black hair, white skin, a magical girdle, and married Irish King Matholwch: Bear who mistreated her. Her brothers launched a war and reclaimed her. She is the daughter of the sea god Llyr: Sea and 1 of his 24 children. She can take the form of a white crow. Her sacred tree is the alder. Her symbol is the crescent moon and she guards Brân’s cauldron of regeneration. She became a Welsh saint in the 5th century. She is prayed to either for help finding sweethearts or help in becoming indifferent to them afterwards a.k.a Venus of the Northern Seas. Her feast day is January 25th at her shrine, the Church of Llandwynwen, on Yns Llandwyn: Island of Dwynwen that causeways to Yns Môn: Mona Island a.k.a Angelesy. Her consort is Maelon: Silver One and her potion relieves heartache. Saint Theneva with her daughter Mungo:Darling are the patron saints of Glasgow: Green Place. Dymphna: Alluring turned into a saint invoked for the healing of mental illness.
 Queen of Munster and fertility goddess associated with the month of May. During her last visit to earth she left her bow of Destiny on the yellow sands of her southern shrine, where it was seized and turned into stone by the Hag of the Night, and is below the roof of Tresillian Cave, Glamorgan. A pebble flung over the stone arch will result in marriage that year. Each failure represents one year of life. (47, 71, 74, 89)
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