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Kings: L

[Eabhadh Ogham Character] Lir Mac Uar (Sea) Llyr Llfuddog Llediarth, Llyr Llediaith (Half Speech Brink of the Shore) Lêr, Lear (Brink of the Shore) Meilir, Malorius, Malvern // Eure (Golden) Brys, Bryce (High, Mighty) Brec, Briec, Breoc, Brieg, Brieuc, Brieug, Bryok (Speckled) Bricriu Nemthenga (Freckled One of the Poison Tongue) Muiredach (Of the Sea) Miodhchaoin, Mochaen, Faidhbhile, Ffawydden, Fao, Faih, Faaigh, Fáilbhe Finnmaisech, Failge, Failghe, Febal (Beech Tree) §Fagus (Latin: Beech)

Enter Lear, mad, [fantastically dressed with weeds]
But who comes here?
The safer sense will ne’er accommodate His master thus.

Lear. No, they cannot touch me for coming;
I am the King himself.

Edg. O thou side-piercing sight!

Lear. Nature is above art in that respect. There’s your press money. That fellow handles his bow like a crow-keeper. Draw me a clothier’s yard. Look, look, a mouse! Peace, peace; this piece of toasted cheese will do’t. There’s my gauntlet; I’ll prove it on a giant. Bring up the brown bills. O, well flown, bird! i’ th’ clout, i’ th’ clout! Hewgh! Give the word.

Edg. Sweet marjoram.

Lear. Pass.

Glou. I know that voice.

Lear. Ha! Goneril with a white beard?
They flatter’d me like a dog, and told me I had white hairs in my beard ere the black ones ere there. To say ‘ay’ and ‘no’ to everything I said! ‘Ay’ and ‘no’ too was no good divinity. When the rain came to wet me once, and the wind to make me chatter; when the thunder would not peace at my bidding; there I found ’em, there I smelt ’em out.
Go to, they are not men o’ their words!
They told me I was everything.
’Tis a lie-I am not ague-proof. – William Shakespeare: King Lear

(pron.LEER, BREE-ayk, bree-OHK, bric’ryoo nev’hyenga, BRIK-roo, MEE-than, FAL-yeh, FAL-vee, FAV-el ) Killed by the Formael: Silver One’s hound. County Offaly, Ireland named after him. Llyr is God of the Sea who lives at Sidh Fionachaidh: Hill of the White Field, on Slieve Fuad near Newtown Hamilton, in County Armagh, a palace on an island of crystal and coral that is in the middle of the seven seas. He has a green beard [others say white], wears a volumous green cloak, mantle of seal furs in winter, crown of pearls and carries a three-pronged spear. He got into a fight with the god Tyr and they caused each other much damage. Llyr was seduced by an ice-maiden and mounted his sky chariot of flying fishes to journey to the North to get a magic crystal. He was imprisoned by Vilemurk, King of the Air Demons of the North and god of Winter and Frost at The Place Beyond the Mist or Land of the Long Night, where the gods use volcanoes as cooking fires in the hollow mountains and the mist-hags blind the earth and sea with their frozen breath. Llyr was chained to a granite pillar of ice that supports the Roof of the World; guarded by a dragon whose breath of ice killed on contact. The ice-maiden made the Autumn into frost with her touch.
 Fionn: White One and the goddess Caitlín: Husk braved the ice storm and vanquished the dragon by throwing the bruane: golden seeds of flame into his mouth. Llyr’s green salt magic turned Houlihan into a swan. Lerpwl: Liverpool on the Irish Sea is named after him. Feast day is April 6th.
 His descendants are Plânt Llyr: Children of Llyr: Children of the Sea: 27 sons and three wives. Wales: Brân, Brânwen: White Raven, Manawydden-Manannán (all with Penardum), Efnisisien, Nisien (all with Eurosswydd) Fionnula, Aed-Ai, Fiachra, Conn (all with Aife).
 He is one of the Nine Worthies: Supreme Dieties: Arthur: Golden Bear, Conán: Reed King, Dáire: Oak Semen, Fiachna: Endless Knowledge, Goll: One Eyed One, Govran: Smith, Morc: Masses of Sea Water, Ruairí: Red Alder King
  1. breac: speckled, symbolizing magical power (either brí or bua)
  2. breachsholas: twilight, the time of most powerful brí
  3. brí: inherent / intrensic personal power set by dán (lit essence, vigour, significance), cannot be won or gained, only developed or allowed to atrope
  4. bua: gained or attained personal power, esp. in a given area (lit. victory, merit, talent)
  5. buachaitheamh: to ‘flare power’, neutral samhlchaitheamh
  6. buachloch: power-object
 As Bricriu, he built a secret chamber in his feasting hall to spy on guests and had to be guarded by 8 men because he was so disagreeable. He was asked by the Ulstermen to judge the contest between the Brown Bull of Cuailgne and the White Bull of Connacht on the Plain of Aeí: Fire; and was trampled to death by the fighting bulls. He has Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, Brecknockshire, Loughbrickland Co. Down, Hill of Miochaoin (pron. Midkena) named after him. Brecan had 24 daughters by 1 wife. These daughters, for their beauty and purity, were changed into rivers, all of which flow into the Afon Hafren: Severn River. His sons are Cano & Caddoc: Soul Carrier.
 Severn Tributaries: Avon [Shakespeare called the Bard of Avon], Rhea Brook, Stour [meets Avon at Warwickshire], Perry, Wye [meets Severn at Aberystwyth. Aberystwyth is on the coast of Cardigan Bay & is the Mouth of the River Ystwyth & River Rheidol], Tern, Llyn Efyrnwy: Vyrnwy. (53, 58, 64, 75, 80, 82, 89, 97, 133, 144., 207)

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