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Kings: G

Goll Mac Morna, Gaul Mac Morna, Goll Mac Dalb (One Eye Son of the Blind) Arca Dubh (Black Tree-Fungus) Forgall Manach (Super-Eye: The Wiley)
(pron. ahr-ka DOOV) Fomorian God of Wrights who is broadshouldered, tall and fair-haired. An incarnation of Aed: Red Fire. He is the oldest of the nine and the son of Daire Derc: Red Oak who is called Morna. He carries a grey falcon and has a chessboard called Solustairtech: the Shining Thing, with chessmen of gold and silver, each one of them as big as a fist. He slew Cumal: Hollow the chief of the Fianna: White Ones in two different stories. He lives in the Palace of a Thousand Candles. His brother is Irgoll: Western One Eye.

Forgoll has a hostel beside the Lusk called Bruidhean Chaorthainn: Rowan or Red Alder Trees’ Hostel. It is one of the chief hostels of Ireland along with: Da Derga: Two Reds [River Dodder, Co Dublin], Da Choca: Two Roosters [Sliab Malone, Connacht], Da Reo: Two Hazels [Brefne, Co. Leitrim, Connacht] & Mac Da Thó: Two Mutes [Co. Carlow] [Blai: Flower added later]

Each hostel has seven doors, seven roads through it, and seven fire places. Seven cauldrons are in the seven fire-places cooking ox and boar-meat.
At Cahirciveen Castle: Husk Pod Castle he is trapped with Finn’s sons, tearing the god Conán: Reed rooted to the floor by enchantment by a hag from the floor with the help of Diarmuid: Beauty. In Ossian he is betrothed to Oithona daughter of Nuth and is called away by Fingal. Dunrommath lord of Uthal (or Cuthal) kidnaps her, and conceals her in a cave in the desert island of Tromathon. Gaul cuts off Dunrommath’s head and returns to Dunlathmon, and then to Morven. He is buried in Slieve Baune. His grandson, Fer Lí: Beautiful Man, tried to avenge his death, but was killed. Places: Golasecca, in Cisalpine Gaul, 6000 interments found. He is one of the Nine Worthies: Supreme Dieties: Arthur: Golden Bear, Conán: Reed King , Dáire: Oak Semen, Fiachna: Endless Knowledge, Govran: Smith, Lir: Sea , Morc: Masses of Sea Water, Ruadrí: Red Alder King (6, 57, 63, 97, 102, 151, 210)

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