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Kings: L

Loisginn Lomgluineach (Scorching Pure Fire)
Fomorian giant who was called to Balor’s Council at the Mag Tuireadh na b-Fomorach: Second Grain Harvest Battle of the Plain of Frost. (102)

Lodan Mac Lir (Little Pool, Puddle)
God who is father of the goddess Sinann (58)

Lorne, Loarn, Lúarán, Loran Mac Ruad (Searcher)
(pron. LOOR-awn) One of the three sons of the legendary first Gael to arrive in Scotland from Ireland. His place-name is in Argyll. His son is Caelcu and his grandfather is said to be Cormac: Raven. (58)

Llary ap Kasnar Wledig (Placid One, Gentle)
(pron. LAIR-ee) God. (73, 75)

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