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Hob-Goblins 4

[Fearn Ogham]Fearn, Fearno’g Gwern, Garnock, Gwernach, Gwernen Iffernán, Ifearnán (Alder: The Red Man) Fir Bolg (Men of the Bags) Fir Darrig, Fir Dhearga (Red Men) Plânt Rhys (Children of Red the Deep) Ruawn ap Branwen (Red Son of White Raven) Rhyawd ap Mallolwych, Rúadan Mac Bress (Red One Son of Moon) Rewan, Rumon, Rodán, Rowen, Ross Rúa (Red Alder) Rhun Rhuddwern (Lavish One of The Bird Cherry Tree) Rhudvyw, Rheu (Moving) Rúadchoin, Rúadacán (Red-Haired) Rúdraidhe Mac Parthalón (Red King Son of Shape of A Woman) Ruairí Mac Faelán (Red King Son of Wolf) Eiladyr ap Pen Llarcau (Regeneration)

(pron. GOO-EHRN, IF-fer-nawn, Feer-bol, FIR VULAG, FIR YARAGA, ROO-an, ROO-man, RH-EES, RU-dawn, ROW-WHEN, ROO- AH, ROO-e-ree) The Book of Invasions says They arrived in Ireland from Greece where they had been slaves and forced to carry heavy bags. They have red skin and eyes, are shapeshifters and can appear three feet tall, stout, dressed in red. Alder trees are used to make red dye. They designed irrigation systems for agriculture and are expert stonecutters. They were invaded and conquered by the Túatha dé Danaan: Water from Heaven People in Cath Maigh Tuired: First Grain Harvest Plain of Frost on May Day.

The survivors went in flight to the Fomorians: Those Beneath the Sea, and settled in Arran, Islay, Mann and Rathlin.

 Fearann Ruadh: The Red Country has red and yellow rock. To the south through the sandstone and limestone is the Sea of Dreams. Muir Ainbhéth: Sea of the Storms is part of the Sea of Dreams. Grianlagh and Caiseal are their cities. The Plânt Rhys: Children of Red the Deep live underground deep inside mounds. In Coed y Dugoed Mawr: Great Dark Wood in Merionethshire, Wales they stole sheep and cattle. Baren Owen: Sun headed a company of warriors who hung a hundred of them; and was cursed by one of the women. The Baron was waylaid by the sons of the fairy woman, who washed their hands in his blood. Their representative is Fear Dearc: Red Man an old man who is two and a half feet high with long grey hair and a red coat. Rhys the ruddy young clean-shaven man dresses in blood red satin & scarf with yellow borders. He found a secret island and slept with nine goddesses and had nine sons. Efissyen threw him into the fire, his head split open on a stone. He became St. Ruádán, feastday January 5th. When he died his mother Brigid cried and it was the first keening. Goibhnu was cauldron-healed from a spear injury inflicted by Bres’s son Ruádán: Red One Tonn Rudraidhe, Ceann Rois, Co. Clare, Tobar Ruadhan: Ruad’s Well, Cooga Rhydaman, Rhydychen (Oxford), Other Red Men: Amaccuauhtli (Trunk of the Eagle) Huachahatschi, Huanacas worship the bat God of Tamoachan. Their language is Hua. (6, 31, 33, 52, 71, 73, 96, 102, 108)

Thou didst dazzle us with a jewel, a treasure,/ a pearl of great price,/ O righteous Father Ruman in the God pleasing life and asceticism of the desert./ Thy selfless devotion, love of animals and patience/ in the face of false malicious backbiting, you are our guiding light./ Grant us thy great mercy.– Troparion of Ruman of Tavistock tone 5 (108)

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